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How Sony won E3... at Gamescom

MCV: The current-gen might be approaching the final straight, but Sony is ready for a sprint finish.

Consensus dictates that Sony has “lost” the current generation of machines. Wii sold in sufficiently high numbers that despite the fact it has been dead in the water for over a year, it will not be caught. And while the sales battle between Xbox 360 and PS3 is closer than we might have expected, Microsoft’s American dominance has given it a steady (albeit slight) sales edge of Sony’s machine.

But if there’s one thing we have to remember about Sony is that it’s always slow out of the blocks. The PS3 that was released 2006/2007 bares little resemblance to the console of today (PS3)

Hellsvacancy  +   1197d ago
There was nothing at Gamescom for me, it was all Vita and Wonderbook, very disappointing

The Last Of Us trailer wasnt anything i hadnt already seen, then to finish it off they show a Black Ops Vita trailer

That Rain game looked ok, didnt interest me that much though

Sony wont ever be able to please everyone, if they showed loads of new PS3 games, PS Vita owners would be pretty pissed that they missed out

Are Vita owners happy with the content they got at Gamescom?

Edit: I wasnt that disappointed to be honest, i didnt expect much, i did however think Sony would reveal Killzone 4 or show some more Beyond, but they didnt, they revealed Killzone Vita, which is cool, for Vita owners, there just wasnt much there for ME, as 1 single gamer i am
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iamnsuperman  +   1197d ago
I think that was the point. E3 was very much a PS3 showing while gamescom was used to reassure the vita/potential vita owners (and the gaming media who haven't been very favourable about the lack of vita content) that there are games (big ones)on the way. I thought it went very well. Rain is interesting concept. I will be keeping an eye out for it
Morrigan-Aensland  +   1197d ago
Sony wins every game show and they've been doing it for years. Video games are about playing video games where quantity of sales are for investers and analysts. Sony normal has the most and compelling new IPs to show
ElitaStorm  +   1197d ago
why there always have to be someone like you bitching about everything?

its like Battle Royal , right now ppl say they want Crash so bad and when they give them they will complain about the the smallest detail
napalmbrainmusic  +   1196d ago
you sound like the most boring annoying person ever. quit whining muppet
miyamoto  +   1197d ago
I hope gaming in Europe will be as big as in the US. But Sony needs to show Japan Studios & Japanese gamers some love too.
boybato  +   1197d ago
I think that's where TGS comes in. ;p
miyamoto  +   1197d ago
The PS3+PSVita bundle could not come any sooner.

Cologne also assumes increased significance as, alarmingly, if Vita is to get back on track it now looks more likely that this will be done overseas than in Sony’s homeland of Japan, which is increasingly feeling like Nintendo’s home ground.
showtimefolks  +   1197d ago
This is the way i look at it and even their president said the same thing

while at E3 we were all about ps3 at gamescom we are all about Vita.

so e3 ps3 but to be quite honest with you UBI stole E3 IMO but sony had the 2nd best showing or maybe 1A. gamescom sony just blew everyone else out of water. Even if ms or nintendo were there it wouldn't have made any difference. Also at E3 wonderbook was a bore fest but at gamescom i can see this thing working out greatly for sony
iamnsuperman  +   1197d ago
The demo at E3 for wonderbook was just too long especially when the market for wonderbook will not watch the conference. At gamescom it was just right. Short and sweet
showtimefolks  +   1197d ago
i agree and i think what was great was instead of having all the demos on stage they had 2-3 minute trailers for all the gamneplay and stuff and that moves it faster and can get the point across much better
sway_z  +   1197d ago
Okay I get that 'Wonderbook' isn't for everyone....but it is right that Sony should broaden the PS3's appeal....it can't be about just Mature content and FPS shooters....there is a very lucrative casual market out there and it's my belief that families should enjoy a console too...not just the harcore frat...

I won't be getting Wonderbook as I fall into the mature/core demographic, but I have no negative view on this 'Interesting' family orientated title.

Fair's, fair!

*regarding the audience that Wonderbook appeals to wasn't at Gamescom, I agree....but I believe the showing was more press related than anything else.....you have to get the word out some way or another....no?
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g-nome  +   1197d ago
Well Sony is trying hard to please everybody with good original content on variety of platforms. Just these days , consumers are so hard to please. And if people prefer another COD, Angry bird , or Mario game , what more can one do.
BitbyDeath  +   1197d ago
"How Sony won E3... at Gamescom"

They showed up!
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abzdine  +   1196d ago
they care about gamers and everybody could easily see it. Hardcore games are on PlayStation devices! Case closed!
forever_milan  +   1196d ago
Ha Ha! Awesome.. :D
miyamoto  +   1197d ago
You see, there’s the Sony difference right there. Microsoft tries to tap up this market with Sesame Street and Disney Kinect games that always feel like an awkward combination of tech and IP.

Wonderbook, however, feels completely right. The Disney tie-in is smart, although obvious, but the BBC Walking With Dinosaurs crossover is a stroke of genius. I guarantee you parents all over the country and eyeing that up and proclaiming “that’s Christmas sorted, then” with a big sigh of mixed relief and excitement.

Agreed! I love dinosaurs!
Nexgensensation  +   1196d ago
@nukacola and those who believe im trolling
2010 was the last year sony release anything up to their hype.
(REPEAT 10x)

What NUKACOLA just listed???
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MaximusPrime  +   1197d ago
Not surprised that Sony won Gamescom. the deliver really good conference at both E3 and Gamescom as well as TGS.
Last night shows that Sony listened to us regarding lack of PS Vita showing at E3. Not only that, new IPs and some interesting unexpected announcement such as Cross-buy.

Top job, Sony
sway_z  +   1197d ago
Yes I am an ardent Sony PS3 user...but truth be told..Sony had no competition....therefore it was a given. so the 'Sony Won Gamescom' statement is a moot point....That being stated, Sony covered a lot of bases, and I hope Vita adopters feel vindicated that they made a good purchase...

To hell with the Vita sales stats..as long as the big games keep coming, sales stats are for shareholders to worry about.

Yes 'Sales' make huge difference, but Sony won't abandon the Vita regardless....There's way too many crap doom & gloom reports circulating the net recently...


I'm no fanboy and I will remain completely neutral about this.

Roll on TGS!!

*Nexgensensation take a chill pill....u read like you're butt hurt!!
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1196d ago
Sony gave a decent show. All the vita stuff dosent effect me as I dont own or plan on getting one atleast not yet.
PS3: stuff was decent I only rlly cared for okami, sly4, and the last of us.

TGS: I hope for news of the last guardian and VersusXIII

Also microsoft needs to step it up not showing up at gamescon or TGS is not good.
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