Crysis 3 uncloaked at Gamescom 2012

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Electronic Arts has quite honestly rocked the staged at Gamescom 2012 so far. While many titles have been featured at the event, Crysis 3 has clearly made its mark on the audience.

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takohma2161d ago

this mode looks pretty cool

ITFGaming2161d ago

Awesome to see that they are mixing things up a bit.

mewhy322161d ago

Looks good. But I wonder if they got the Xbox graphics grain bug corrected? I'll wait and watch the forums before I commit to this one because crytek never came out with a patch for crysis2's grain glitch. In fact they never even responded to a 130 plus page thread on their forums. No fix and no information either. Real classy.

Zha1tan2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Sorry but that mode is crap, looked good in the trailer but knowing that you respawn as a hunter after getting killed as a cell soldier kills it for me as the hunter already to me looks overpowered.

So basically as the game goes on its going to get more and more unbalanced.

kostchtchie_2161d ago

looks that way, gameplay looked crap to me

Zha1tan2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I thought ok cool round base gameplay has made a comeback but the respawning back just because impatient kiddies these days cant handle it has totally thrown me off.

Sono4212161d ago

Exactly what I thought, the hunter already looks overpowered then they go ahead and make it so people you kill also become hunters? Stupid...

hardcorehippiez2161d ago

enjoyable enough yes i think ill get this game.