DayZ Could Come To PS3, Xbox 360 - Dean Hall

It might be a strictly PC game, but even Dean Hall thinks DayZ could come to PS3 and Xbox 360. The rest of the world waits patiently...


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Wizziokid2226d ago

Yes please, this or The War Z will do

skyward2226d ago

War Z and Day Z look cool - bit of a risk asking console players to play a game with no objectives though. Make it a digital download and make it happen!

Snookies122226d ago

Only thing I'm concerned about after playing it... Are controls. :\

I mean, anyone who's played Arma knows how many buttons there are. I suppose a good bit could be streamlined to pressing/holding a button, but I seriously doubt they could work everything into a standard controller.

Irishguy952226d ago

Yeah Snookies, most buttons on the Keyboard are used for something

Dark_king2226d ago

@Snookies12 they could always pack a keyboard and mouse with the game.Well at least for PS3 would add to the cost but it is always a option.

TukkerIntensity2226d ago

Minecraft seems to be doing ok on the 360 (re no objectives).

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shodan742226d ago

As a console gamer who LOVES the look of Day Z, this is music to my ears.

Feckles2226d ago

DayZ is what Dead Island should've been. Would love to see this come to console.

princejb1342226d ago

Well if they want big sales they better put it on ps3 and 360

skyward2226d ago

disagreed - how many people are playing TF2 or WoW? PC is the biggest market out there, especially as the 1m DayZ community is 100% PC based right now.

yuval1522226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Consoles are the biggest market right now...

MW3 sold 13.37m total on xbox, 12.19m on PS3 and 1.46m on PC. say "COD sucks" all you want but it made alot of money.

Even battlefield 3 sold more on consoles than PC(according to vgchartz), you can also look at bf3 stats and see how many users are online and on what platform.

by the way TF2 is f2p...

OT:I really hope it comes out on consoles, It looks very fun.

CaptCalvin2226d ago


You also have to put into account this game's appeal to most console gamers. A lot of the people you mentioned wont bother with other shooters because they're too busy with CoD/BF.

Pandamobile2226d ago

@Yuval VGchartz is a horribly inaccurate measurement for game sales. PC version most likely right up between the PS3 and 360 version with digital sales included.

r212226d ago

If it does come to consoles, it'll most likely have a smaller map and loads of limits compared to the PC version.

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