Finally, Assassin’s Creed III’s Star Tries to Kill an American

Kotaku - Connor, the hero of the upcoming Assassin's Creed III, is supposedly non-partisan. Sure, he'll be swinging his tomahawk right through the middle of the American War of Independence, but like other games in the series, there's the expectation that he's out to get Templars, not the British, or Hanoverians, or the Native Americans.

So it's been disappointing that, until this week, every single piece of marketing we've seen for the game has been bordering on the Mel Gibsonian, revelling in a cry of "KILL THE REDCOATS" that sits ill at ease with the historical neutrality shown throughout the rest of the franchise.

But that was until this week! We've now got out first look at Connor leaping from a great height to kill an American. Or, given the fact there are other men there alongside him, perhaps Americans.

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LOL_WUT2104d ago

He says it likes it's a good thing I say ban Kotaku.

joab7772104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I agree. Are u kidding me. In this war, we were the [email protected]#$%$# good guys who fought for our freedom and then as a result created a republic that stood as the example for every free nation in the world today. Wtf! did this guy want, for America to lose and religious monarchies to rule today. We would be the good members of the church of England and the bad guys would be the Catholics around the globe. Are we so enslaved by political correctness (which is always highlighted by it's nonsensical break from all reality), that we can't even be historical anymore. I think it would be brilliant if they made the English bad, and made the indian/ Americans good and Connor is half & half and torn because of how Americans treated the Indians but how the Americans were being treated by the English. Oh wait, I thinks That's what they did. But, it's pretty telling that u wrote an article saying, finally, an American got killed. Well, take ur article and ur sight and shove it u know where. I am done with u guys.

karlowma2104d ago

"and then as a result created a republic that stood as the example for every free nation in the world today"


Irishguy952104d ago

Nice biased history lesson/ America truely is the greatest country in the world :derp:

Grap2104d ago

"and then as a result created a republic that stood as the example for every free nation in the world today"
No you are NOT! any example for any nation out there. you do realize that by your so called freedom killed nearly all the native american. freedom huh..

mistajeff2104d ago

I can't quite tell which parts of this post are sarcasm, but hey, at least catholic law forbid people from being born into slavery. Remember, the puritans were so uptight that the British kicked them out. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for the freedoms I'm given as an American citizen (even if it feels like they're shrinking, regardless of which crappy party is in charge), but our country was founded by a bunch of religious zealots who abused the concept of "God's will" as an excuse for genocide. It's easy to look back at the revolution through the lens of victory and declare a "good guy" and a "bad guy", but it's never that clear cut. Just keep in mind that at this point in history,"Americans" were still British, and the oppressing force was the English crown, not the entirety of "the English". And remember that in this game (which is a GAME... it's a GAME.. a work of historical FICTION), Connor is after the templars. Not the English. Not the colonials. The templars. So it's okay, take a few deep breaths and remember that this is a work of fiction, and take the fact that it gets you so worked up as evidence of something beautiful: that games are indeed art, and that this piece of art speaks to you on an emotional level.

joab7772103d ago

I appreciate ur post mistajeff. And I fully understand that things r not so cut and dry. I did mention that the Americans were not so kind to the Indians...and Yes that is an understatement. And Yes, slavery did exist. And Yes, I could write a dissertation on slavery and how the foundation of this country was the beginning of the end of slavery, and no it didn't happen overnight. It's really sad how the focus of so much history today is on the evils of America, and the wonders of socialism. First, the religious zealots that u speak of were dominated by people with other motives for the new land. It was religious zealots that worked hard to help the Indians when so many wanted them gone. And religious zealots that spoke out against slavery long before the civil war. These religious zealots were persecuted themselves and came here because they had nowhere in Europe to run to.

Yes, this is a game. And Yes his enemies are the Templar. But, he is half Indian and half American (which is a yet I am comfortable using after the revolutionary war started), which would naturally make other Americans or the British his enemy. And it is unfortunate how lines are blurred during war but those who sided with the crown were considered British and enemies and were not trusted.

And who actually disputes that America has been the influence of freedom and democracies throughout the world? What was the state of the world prior to 1776? Catholic, English, and Muslim domination in the west and Asian in the east. Then, revolt in France and then the rise of Marxism and communism. Stalin, hither and tse tong were responsible for more than 100 million deaths.

I am tired of the negative anti American sentiment. R we perfect...far from it. But, the bar has been set pretty low over the past 2 centuries and I am proud of this country's heritage. I don't like seeing an article say that finally Connor tries to kill an American. I just don't like it. Who cares Anyway. It's a damn video game with a historical perspective. If the enemy is an American Templar then I hope he kills him. And I wouldn't have a problem if I hadn't already read 10 articles about the fact that everyone Connor kills is British, or how they r going to handle the delicate balance of killing all nationalities in a reasonable proportion. If a game was made in 1930's Germany and Connor was killing tons of Germans, we wouldn't be asking why he isn't killing British, French or Americans.

mistajeff2103d ago

I definitely understand that. Articles like this only serve to blow this issue even further out of proportion, and no matter how you slice it, it's irresponsible journalism.

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ApolloTheBoss2104d ago

Who were the dumbasses who gave Kotaku a 3-star rating? I'd very much like to meet them.

Hufandpuf2104d ago

to whoever cried, complained and had a temper tantrum... ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?

Kos-Mos2104d ago

The patriotism is strong in here...

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