Madden 13 Demo: 3 Positives & 3 Negatives

It’s that time of year again – we look ahead to what EA Sports are offering with this month’s Madden release.

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Cerberus292230d ago

They have commentary as a positive but, personally, I would put it as a negative. I can't stand Phil Simms in real life, and I'm sure he'll be just as bad in the game.

donscrillinger2230d ago

i just hope they fix the collision prb ive been seeing and the dropped passes .playing the demo on all madden you damn there drop 7/10 balls thrown to you ,and you might tackle someone or get tackled a yard away from where u are and fly across the screen ,and again where is the line of scrimmage and how about cheerleaders also its still fast and arcadey not real nfl speed.but its the best madden to date but thats not saying much cuz madden 12 was pure dumpster juice ,and so far madden 13 demo gets a 7 .we need 2K bac making a nfl videogame again cuz they know what sim means

GuyThatPlaysGames2229d ago

Negative-Still made by EA

iceman062229d ago

I gotta say that I fully agree with the issues on the Cons side. I was excited to see this new "physics" engine at work. However, I am slightly disappointed at it's performance. I am SURE that this is by no fault of the engine itself, but the tweaking of the engine for gameplay purposes. The engine seems to pick and choose when it wants to use physics principles. It seems that angles DO matter, but momentum doesn't always matter. More than once I've been turned backwards by a static linebacker with a running back that had a full head of steam. Plus, it seems that there is an advantage for the ball carrier (stumbling, bumbling...always forward). I think there should have been a happy medium between what Backbreaker did with the Euphoria engine (too realistic for most, but pretty true to physics) and what EA does with it's animations (not always real, but entertaining).