5 things you didn't know about ZombiU

Having played ZombiU ahead of Gamescom, ONM disclose five new bits of information about Ubisoft's new Wii U survival horror game

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MEsoJD2192d ago

I still don't understand the hype behind this game... I've seen quite a bit of content regarding this game and haven't seen anything special(IMO). It's hype(although not to the same extent) seems similar to games like the condiut and Red steel series which were very sub par games... That said, I hope the game surprises with more interesting content, but I'm not holding my breath.

BiggCMan2192d ago

"Survival horror games often find you shooting down zombies with a shotgun but in ZombiU it pays to be quiet. You see, the more noise you make, the more zombies you'll attract so if you are in an area which is being patrolled by a few zombies, you need to use your crossbow or a cricket bat rather than a gun.
It's little things like this that makes ZombiU unlike any horror game that you've played before"

Dead Island had that exact same mechanic.... Not trying to throw the game under the bus in any way, cuz I think it looks sweet, but I am pointing out the fact that that specific idea is not revolutionary. Perhaps this writer needs to play more games or something.

Hisiru2192d ago

hmm looks like I will give Dead Island a try.

BiggCMan2192d ago

It's way better than most people will tell you. First off, at launch the game was awful because of bugs and glitches, and that turned away a LOT of people, and prevented many from even getting further in to the game to see what else it has to offer. By now though, the game is MUCH more stable, and very enjoyable, especially with a friend or 2, or 3 even! I have a PS3 copy and PC copy, and while it's leagues better on PC, the console version is still awesome, only with some minor setbacks that you won't notice unless you were able to play the PC version anyways. All in all, the game actually got above average reviews, cuz aside from those bugs, it has well made game play, and a somewhat decent story. What I really love is the unique weapon system, and the physics of everything. Zombies limbs will come off in so many different ways.

FACTUAL evidence2192d ago

Hisiru, I'm not stopping you from playing DI, but I would TOTALLY pass it up tbh...but hey, who knows. you might

PS3Freak2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Dead Island was a good game. I recommend it.

My only complaint if the lack of gun variety. Also, the guns were weak as s***.

PS3Freak2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


Salamander2192d ago

Loved dead island, i recommend it. Didnt notice that mechanic in game. Probably coz i always charged in with my thunder hammer, like a madman.


You should have chosen the asian chick and increased her gun proficiency.

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