New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots and Artwork From GamesCom 2012

Brand new screenshots and artwork from Square-Enix's soon to relaunch ​Final Fantasy XIV ​- A Realm Reborn ​were revealed at ​GamesCom​ 2012, including a peek at "Gear Sets," Racial Gear, new enemies and environments.

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Irishguy952226d ago

**** sake. This is gonna take Versus place this year isn't it?

iamtehpwn2226d ago

This being made by an *entirely* different development team.

Again, Square Enix has more than ONE development team.

and this game originally launched near XIII's release so I don't think it'd 'stop' Versus XIII, especially since Versus XIII will probably becoming next year anyway.

Irishguy952226d ago

No I mean, It's gonna take the spotlight over Versus, since it's coming out first.

_-EDMIX-_2225d ago Show
Irishguy952225d ago

Edmix you ****ing idiot, again I say " It's gonna take the spotlight over Versus, since it's coming out first. "

Do you know what that means? Versus will not be shown much AGAIN this year because FF14 is coming out in Q1 of next year. Versus XIII should be getting the hype treatment since XIII-2 came out, according to Nomura. This is the same thing that happenened when XIII was released. XIII-2 overshadowed Versus again. Thus the lack of Info on Versus for the last 2 years.

Capt-FuzzyPants2225d ago

Oh so you're not a typical troll complaining about how all these games are coming out before Versus. In that case I meant to agree with you. I'm very interested in this game and I've never really been into an MMO before.

Naners2225d ago

I played FFXIV at launch, and for a few months after. The game was beautiful, and you could tell there was a lot of thought put in to try and make the game 'Final Fantasy,' but not too much 'Final Fantasy.' Unfortunately, the strategy of distancing itself from the franchise coupled with unforgivably clunky UI and controls, and lack of any real story like FFXI had, just lost my interest.

Shortly after, Square Enix issued that public apology which is why I'm definitely going to give the game another try when it's available. Love or hate Square-Enix, you have to give them props for manning up and admitting their game had problems and not charging players for a year while they attempted to rectify it.

Ps_alm3k2226d ago

that is because it will come out in order. 14 than 15. and 15 will be versus. believe. it. or. not.

Simco8762225d ago

if FFXV is FFXIII-XV-Versus then I am going to kill myself.

Leonesaurus2225d ago

Oh wow, would you look at that... Another comments section about FF Versus XIII.... About it not being shown.... under a FF XIV article no less. *sigh*

Glad at least one person had something related to the topic to comments on.

On a more related note:

Screenshots and concept art look fucking awesome!!!! Cant wait to play this shit!!!!

Spenok2224d ago

Completely agree. I cant wait to jump on this when it officially launches.

DethWish2225d ago

Oh yes these look amazing :)