BAN! BAN! The Used Games Debate

Certain hot topics seem to cycle through the minds of gamers a lot. Big discussions surrounding certain topics like the ‘gender’ issue seem to come and go from the ‘hot seat’ almost as often as theories and rumors about the next gen of consoles. Well, right now it’s all about used games and whether or not they’re good or bad for gaming. So are used games actually the worst thing since sliced Hitler?

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WeskerChildReborned2163d ago

Sliced Hitler? Anyway, no their not bad since people could get them cheaper than new if they don't got the money also you could return a used game within 7 days for full credit.

Brosy2163d ago

If next gen consoles dont allow used games I might not partake in the next gen. Like it said in the article a game is only produced and on the market around a year. Whats so bad about buying a game used when the game isnt even being produced anymore? I buy plenty of used games.

These online passes are bullshit too. Supposedly making sure a person is paying for their place on the server. Well shouldn't that place have already been paid for by the person that bought it new? It's not like two people can take up two places on the server from one disc.

A person should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their own property. These multi-million dollar publishers need to learn to live with used games. Because its our right to do whatever we want with our own property.

jagstatboy2163d ago

Excellent post and totally agree.

Chrono2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Game companies are just getting more and more greedy every year.