Nintendo 3DS Triumphs

We've seen a bunch of epic 3DS games in the past year. Here are some of the very best 3DS games ever.

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bothebo1986d ago

......... The title really makes we want to rant because it provides no context. The 3DS triumphs over what? You talk about games yet you only name three.

GameTavern1986d ago

It's a bit of a vague title...

Maybe, he meant the 3DS' Triumphs, like the best games for the device so far?

ChunkyLover531986d ago

Its a quality system, though I didn't buy one until they had a price drop. Ended up getting one with two games last Black Friday for $169.

auen11986d ago

i'd love to get a 3ds, but i'm holding out until they release the 3d-dsi/xl with a second analog stick. so maybe some time next year.

Hisiru1986d ago

Youre missing a lot of great games. I don't even feel the need of a second analog.

Jirachi1986d ago

Same here if you need one that badly nintendo has said a CPP for xl is on the way. but considering i can't stand fpses i don't care for it.

auen11985d ago

i just like being able to control the camera with the second analog as opposed to having to use the touchscreen for that. it feels a lot less intuitive.

1985d ago