Devil May Cry 4 Offers Different Functionality, Not Graphics, On PS3/360

The Bitbag writes, "Even though Capcom has done an excellent job at keeping both versions very close to each other, we have been assured that there will still be different things to offer for both versions."

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Shaka2K63823d ago

dmc4 is best on PS3, x360 will most likely be a huge flop just like all good gameson the system that arent 5 hour generic shooters.

ParaDise_LosT3823d ago

it has no god gms debil me kry well plop like unchurtad and scrwdriver and klanck......

lol....Open zone x)

cjp4eva3823d ago


UHHHHH what are those yellow things with the - and + signs? they seem to be dissappearing.

ParaDise_LosT3823d ago

Some people actually took that seriously.

and ain't that funny. Someone with 3 bubbles is making a crack about losing them.

/epic fail x)

i Shank u3823d ago

dmc4 on wastestation adn dohbox360 is the suXXxxxorz wait for teh wii version

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DemiseofPandas3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

*cough cough* would someone like to explain to me what the Network is on the main mission screen of the game if not for overall score and achievements in the PS3 version?

Also don't want to forget these...

tordavis3823d ago

Those links are false. The info about the article came straight from Capcom. There are no achievements in the PS3 version.

DrPirate3823d ago

The game on PS3 has "achievements" they're called something else and they don't add to a "gamerscore".

Hence, they don't have "achievements" per se, but there is a reward system in place.

PlayStation3603823d ago

ya'll think DMC4 will later have trophies?

Korosuke3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

The network features are leaderboards and so-called achivements(called "My history" in the game).
So this article is misleading a bit...

btw, I already saw a few non-japanese players in the ranking in the game. lol

ceedubya93823d ago

and that the achievements will be the same on both consoles. The only difference is that the PS3 version will not have gamerscore points. Its nothing that PS3 users aren't used to. And the game experience itself should be great on both consoles regardless.

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ParaDise_LosT3823d ago

does having the SLIGHTLY better version Really make you people feel that much more superior of your selves?
Is this your way of compensating for what you don't have?

Well know know what?
I spit on your point of view!


Nevers3822d ago

uh oh looks like you awakened the DisagreeMONSTERs... tends to happen when you question a gamer's manhood ;-)

2Negativecool3823d ago

It didn't really explain more than I got from the title. Lame.

imageicb3823d ago

Who cares>? No stuff the 360 one has achievements.

"Our source tells us that the 360 version will have achievements."

No shat you and your source are idiots.

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The story is too old to be commented.