Can Sony Salvage the PS Vita?

How will Gamescom 2012 help Sony boost its PS Vita interest and sales?

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miyamoto2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"we need to execute with a lot faster speed, which means faster decision-making, faster execution. Those are the things that I’ve stressed over and over," - Kazuo Hirai

Damn right Kaz.
Sony is so slow to adjust.

Unify Sony to act as one coherent laser beam to blast the competition to smithereens!

If they turned the PS3 around I am sure they CAN turn the Vita too. But the question is if they WILL?

zeeshan2227d ago

This whole Cross-purchase thing SHOULD work very well. One of the biggest problems with Vita's slow sales is almost no advertising. I hardly ever see PS Vita ads on the TV. It's a new tech and they should advertise the hell out of this. SONY needs to learn a thing or two from M$ when it comes to advertising.

But I'd say it again, the Cross Purchase move is pretty brilliant. This, in theory, should help move a number of Vita consoles off the shelves.

miyamoto2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I asked Mr.Yoshida if the PS3+PS Vita Bundle is coming this holiday season, so far I have no answer.

If the $150 to $200 PS3 SKU is true they better bundle PS Vita with PS3 because that will be a KILLER COMBO!

They should leverage the PS3 popularity to catapult the Vita into stardom.

CommonSenseGamer2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Did they announce which games will support cross purchase or how much more expensive they might be versus just buying a PS3 only edition? If the Vita port is bundled "free" how will developers make a profit from it?

Will the Vita games be included on the blu-ray or will it be via an activation code for a download off PSN? Activation code will likely be required either way to ensure games can't be onsold.

I think cross purchase is good for "single" PS3 owners who maybe thinking about getting a vita or already have one but means little for everyone else. One thing is for sure, it definitely has the possibility of artifically inflating Vita software sales numbers.

DA_SHREDDER2227d ago

They've sold over 60 million with the advertising they've already done. They aren't Microsoft, they let their software do the talking. Before you know it, they will have so many exclusives they are gonna rule the whole freakin gaming world.

showtimefolks2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

i agree with you if they can make the ps3 work and sell well and 3rd parries to support it a lot more than Vita can be good too. After yesterday's gamescom i fully believe in Sony and Vita, imagine this they can offer all their 1st and 2nd parties on Vita for free if you buy it for ps3. Think of it like this they can increase the sales and value of Vita along with moving ps3 units along with ps3 software

I think they are on the right track

and people stop acting like ps-vita has no games in 10 months vita will have access of 60 games and sony had the best launch lineup in their history. I think issue was they released so much up front and than had nothing to show for it. Media in general only cares about games when they launch than they forget about them and say what's next

if anything sony will learn from ps3 and now Vita for ps4 its that you need to spread the games over few months instead of giving 15 up front and have a developer friendly console.

let's see i think KAZ can put sony on the right track, he just took over so its gonna take some time. Look at our government it took bush 8 years to mess everything up and now will take us 20 to fix everything if we can

also sony lost a lot in last quarter because of the exchange rate don't forget that because when it comes to money exchange rate is a big issue and big thing

boybato2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I think everyone would agree that at least Sony is on the right track considering cross play, cross purchase and ps+ integration. Not to mention that most IPs are just on its way.

so in a sense, the best is yet to come.

victoryscreeeeeech2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Aren't they gonna release 20 Ps1 classics, if and whn they do, the vita wont be as much as a nadir as it is now. But yes, they can still salvage the vita, Nintendo salvaged the 3ds with a price drop. Sony needs to find a way to get people to buy cuz I don't think Sony can do a price drop right now. I dunno if The best is yet to come for those who bought a vita but it still definitly be prosperous.

Subzero2002227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"Can Sony Salvage the PS Vita?"


"The best is yet to come for those who bought a vita"

lol keep telling yourself that.

boybato2227d ago

Envy is best defined as a resentful emotion that "occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality, achievement or possession and wishes that the other lacked it.

okmrman2227d ago

trying to sound intelligent huh
yet you quoted wikipedia

HarryMasonHerpderp2227d ago

Wow constructive criticism there Subzero200...

mcstorm2227d ago

Subzero200 I am not a big Sony fan in terms of which console I use the most as I like the 360 over the PS3 more (even though I own 2 of each) but I have to say im impressed by the PSV. It has not quite got the same amount of games as the 3DS in terms of quality but it has got some must own game and the MP on Resistance is very good imo one of the best MP FPS games ive played in terms of fun.

I think Sony have work to do in terms of getting a mixed bag of IP's like the 3DS but with games like LBP, LBK Karting, KZ, All Stars ect coming to the PSV it is going to give everyone a game to look forward to.

Everyone was saying the 3DS was dead in the water and it had sold more than the PSV in this point of its life but look how that has turned out.

Sony need to start pushing the PSV in everyone's faces like Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo do with there devices and once they do this and have games for everyone sales will pickup for the device.

I said at the Start I expect the 3DS to sell double the PSV when they were announced as Nintendo own the portable market as they have the right games for it and I don't ever see Sony or anyone else taking it from them but I also said by the end of its gen the PSV will of out sold the PSP's total life number and I think if Sony can do this they will be happy.

FunAndGun2227d ago

Subzero, now just plain zero.

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chrisarsenalsavart2227d ago

a memory card should Be included, even if it s small one like 1 gig.
people shoud be able to play a game staright out of the box.

HarryMasonHerpderp2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Couldn't agree more. I think the memory cards are the worst idea Sony has made for the Vita.They're just too expensive for such small amounts of storage. I get the whole piracy thing but I don't see the reason why they cost so much.
I had to settle for a 16gb which cost me £30.

FunAndGun2227d ago

The memory card prices are pretty much my only reason for not owning a Vita yet.

I just don't think memory should ever cost that much at this point in time.

raWfodog2227d ago

It would have been even better if they kept it so that you could use any standard SD memory card thats out on the market, thereby giving people the option to use any size memory card that was suitable for their specific needs.

CommonSenseGamer2227d ago

More like 4GB as a minimum. Can't do much with 1GB in terms of buying content off PSN.

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