Zwei - A Spiritual Survival Horror Game from Bethesda

Open World Survival Horror Anyone?
Back near the end of April, Bethesda sent out a press teaser with information that they would be publishing a survival horror game. Working with the creator of the original Resident Evil game (and series), Shinji Mikami, this game, codenamed “Zwei” (which means "two" in German), was sounding like it is going to be amazing. If it is anything like the Fallout/Elder Scrolls franchises, the thought of an open world zombie or survival horror killing game just makes me all giddy and craving some cerebrum.

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DigitalAnalog2232d ago

Seriously, just because it is published by Bethesda doesn't mean it's "open-world". Considering this is has "last" game and a final chance at a AAA development budget, I really hope he go all guns ablazing with his talent and change the industry once again.

jc485732232d ago

isn't this Shinji Mikami's game? Last time, he said something about making an open world survival game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

4 open world survivor horror games coming to pc in the next 3 - 4 years? nice! Glad to see bethesda joining the party!

Day z standalone
War z
Survarium - ex stalker devs

Happy me..

Biohazard88602231d ago

Cant for this game pure survival horror!