Top Ten Games With Unique Art Styles

Welcome to the next Top Ten, sticking with our motif of games that are nice to look at, this week we talk about games with some of the most interesting and memorable art styles.

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TheMrFraz2165d ago

You should really (REALLY) check out this free indie game called Zineth if you're looking for some spectacular art.

Horny2164d ago

Okami, mad world, viewtiful joe, resident evil remake all have good artstyle or atmosphere.

Kyosuke_Sanada2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I'd like to add Silent Hill to the list. The creature designs by Masahiro Ito still haven't been recreated to this day and when you do an in depth investigation of their origins, it will make players give new appreciation to the game's attention to storytelling.

eliteslaya132164d ago

Battlefield 3? That game had an art syle? What about LBP, Journey, or Halo 1?

JobiusRex2164d ago

Photorealism is an art style, it's just the most common one out there right now since it's all the rage to try and push ones rig to the limit and it's one of the easiest style with which to achieve that.