Darksiders II Missing Credits Spark Unrest

"Darksiders II has recently released (review forthcoming) and everything seems pink and rosy for the game. But not for some ex-Vigil employees who were cut from the credits."

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joab7772162d ago

Was the info checked before this article was written? No. And his tweets claim that this happens all the time and that he wasn't expecting to be on the credits. So, why all the anger if it was a shot in the dark? If it is happening and happening all the time, then I suppose we would have heard about it or it should be a separate investigation by a real journalist. This is very strange. Did anyone look to c if anyone was credited for his work? Did he buy and play the game just to check?
I hate reading articles filled with conjecture. Can someone do some actual investigation and then get back to us with truth.

karlowma2162d ago

I think the fact that he felt the need to tweet about it, rather than, you know, being mature and contacting the people who make those decisions, goes toward validating the reasons for which Vigil would not have included his name.

Whining about your perceived mistreatment by a former employer on a very public stage, warranted or otherwise, may not be the best career choice.

WeskerChildReborned2162d ago

The dude is immature though, he is hating the Wii U even though he never touched it -.-.

Summons752162d ago

sounds like a majority of the internet

DarthJay2162d ago

He called it a $400 Xbox 360 seven years late, which is basically what many people think when they look at a spec sheet. Does he need to get his hands on one to have that opinion, and is he even the first person to have said opinion?

@karlowma - the point of them being credits is that they are giving credit to the people who worked on the game, which he very clearly did.

Metal-X2162d ago

Why do they even care if their names are in the credits or not, they got paid didn't they.
Does anybody even let the credits run? I sure as hell don't, if i can skip them, i will. I don't give a crap about the people who make games, i don't need to see their names, ffs.

madjedi2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Because some of us don't mind watching the credits, after we finish the game. Gee i don't know maybe some of them are proud of their work and want friends and family members to see what they had a hand in making.

"I don't give a crap about the people who make games, i don't need to see their names, ffs." Then why the hell did you even bother to comment on the article.

You know money might make the world work, but it isn't the only reason alot of people go into most occupations.