Kuma’s Gamescom Preview Trailer of Tokyo Jungle

Kuma Wrote: I have to say that this might be a game that P.E.T.A will enjoy and frankly it looks pretty interesting, but what is Tokyo Jungle? Well if you flip the script and make all the humans of the world extinct and leaving the animals free to go back to their feral selves. The key here is survival and that means even a Pomeranian can be a dangerous adversary in this game. You as the player will take control of certain animals and depending on your choice will utilize their special skills to put yourself higher on the food chain and frankly speaking I am laughing at some of the choices you will have. I wonder who will be brave enough to pick the group of chicks or deer for that matter.

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chrisarsenalsavart2018d ago

Sony must publish that game in Europe.

sypher2018d ago

Haha it looks insanely awesome!