THQ/Vigil Games Accused of Leaving UI Designer Out of Credits for Darksiders 2

VGR: Darksiders 2 released today to much fanfare. The game certainly had a large staff, but one key member was dismayed to learn that he was left out of the credits, despite designing the entire User Interface for the game.

Xander Davis of Astrogun claims to have designed 99% of the UI, according to tweets posted late Tuesday night


Mr. Davis has commented further that to his understanding, wide swaths of people who dedicated portions of their lives to Darksiders 2 were laid off just before release and not given appropriate credit on the game.


David Adams, General Manager at Vigil Games has issued a statement concerning the accusations made by former employees.

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Moncole2230d ago

Nobody reads the credits.

yog-sothot2230d ago

the update makes it sound even worse.

Just put the names of people who contributed to the game in the credits

taquito2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

he got shittcanned for being a slacker, he worked there for 1.5 months

the game took 2.5 years to makes, is a freaking awesome game and this shlub is just sad, good luck getting another job in the industry after bad mouthing the last company you worked for so publically, bet people are beating down your door to hire you /s

b_one2229d ago

anyways if he worked there, they owe him credits