Tech-Gaming | Sleeping Dogs Review

Although Sleeping Dogs does little to challenge the open-world template upheld by series such as Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and Just Cause, the game’s individual systems and meticulously realized context ensure the title is worthy of a player’s attention. With proficient combat and driving as well as an absorbing plotline, becoming beguiled by Dogs is an inevitability for devotees of sandbox games. Whereas the character of Wei Shen struggles with redemption, it’s a certainty for the team at United Front.

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JRPGLuva2109d ago

I'm debating whether to get this on console or the PC version.

sharpsword2109d ago

So with PC if you have the power. That's almost always the case.

mediastudies2109d ago

Except with GTAIV. The PC port was pretty terrible.

madmad2109d ago

Good review except they didn't say how long it is.

RaptorMan2109d ago

Its about 15 hours from what I read.

sharpsword2109d ago

I will buy this the instant I see a sale.

CharmingMan2109d ago

Man, this and Darksiders II the same day?

I can't decide!