Sony supercharges Vita at Gamescom

Cnet - Sony spent lots of time chatting up new games and features coming to the PlayStation Vita during its Gamescom expo press conference today in Cologne, Germany.

About six months after the Vita's U.S. debut, we've often observed Vita enthusiasts and early adopters on forums speaking critically of Sony’s missteps with the launch and its various technicalities (e.g. expensive memory card). It didn't help matters much when critics and consumers additionally found Vita's presence at the massive E3 gaming expo in June lacking, as the Japanese company spent barely any time talking up the newly launched handheld at the show.

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-Mezzo-2231d ago

Really interested in the new 'Mm' title.

KingOptimusOrigin1112231d ago

I want to see more of Killzone Mercenary.

NastyLeftHook02231d ago

yeah me too, we'll probably have to wait a while though :/

NastyLeftHook02231d ago

sony destroyed it at gamescom, so much its on my local news.

Tito082231d ago

And no wonder they didn't talk much about it at E3, & for a good reason!!!!

coolasj2231d ago

I feel like they realized their faults at E3 and made Gamescom all about the Vita to compensate.

NewMonday2231d ago


PS3 had even more great looking games Puppeteer,
Rain and ,Until Dawn (Move horror game)

chasegarcia2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

the end of doom articles........ pew pew pew

DarkTower8052231d ago

Bu bu but Vita have no games :|


CommonSenseGamer2231d ago

So again, if it has games why is it not selling?

plmkoh2231d ago

Because, those new games aren't out yet?

DarkTower8052231d ago

Why should there be the price drop you want so bad before Sony sees how it performs during the holidays? I'm sure after the new year Sony will evaluate the performance and go from there.

LebaNoob2231d ago

Because people are idiots.

Hicken2230d ago

Because people like you want to perpetuate this image that there are no games, that it's too expensive, that the games it DOES have are poor in quality.

Use your common sense for a change: there's never just ONE reason why something does or doesn't happen.

There isn't a very large marketing campaign behind it. Not a lot of people know much about it or what it can do. Hard for folks to buy something they don't even know about, wouldn't you say?

It's targeting a rather narrow market: existing PS3 owners are the priority, followed by virtually the same demographic as the PS3, itself. How big do you expect the numbers to be when they target such a small group?

What little public exposure it gets is often negative, as seen by the dozen daily articles here decrying its death, or imminent doom. That DEFINITELY gets prospective buyers to make up their minds, doesn't it?

But according to you and every comment you make on the subject- don't know why you comment at all, as it's clear you have no interest in doing anything but trolling the system, if not Sony as a whole- it should be selling if it has the games. Not of the other stuff matters.

Common Sense, my rear end...

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chazjamie2231d ago

the vita has games ,plenty games, they all just really bad. and not something you would want on a portable console. I am looking forward to lbp though.

souljah452231d ago

All really bad? Is that why most of them are getting an average 8/10 reviews

DarkHeroZX2230d ago

i guess 3ds games must be poo then lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.