Diablo III: 1.0.4 Legendary Item Improvements

Blizzard writes:
"Soon after we released Diablo III, many of you commented on Legendary items. Most of those comments were fairly harsh, but they were also dead-on accurate. In many ways the Legendary items that we released with the game were just Rares with flavor text. You called us on it, and we’ve listened.

Since then I've been working hard with the team to give Legendary items some of the flavor and feeling that they deserve. With patch 1.0.4 just around the corner, and the new Legendary items coming in that patch, I wanted to share some of the changes with you here today."

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ninavoljic2233d ago

The best news we've heard since the release of Diablo 3.

Bimkoblerutso2233d ago

Until they fix the drop rates, this really doesn't do anything for me.

I'm not ****ing paying to make it through inferno.

Scenarist2233d ago

exactly... i did a fresh windows install a few days ago... i didnt even reinstall DIABLO 3... fuck this game until i can make thru inferno without paying.. ... i refuse..,... that mechanic is flawed for gamers... and they are making a killing off those transaction fee..

I enjoy the game otherwise.. but I swear im insulted by the way they designed it

NeoTribe2229d ago

Your all a bunch of whiny bitches... its like you expect it to be easy... I havnt payed for any items and I'm slowly getting further in inferno. Go play a more casual game if u can't handle diablo. Its about grinding and magic finding so that 1 day you might find those items that aid you to the end on inferno mode. If u were already able to rape act4 inferno mode couple months after game is out, that would be weak.

Bimkoblerutso2229d ago

It would not be so upsetting to me if I didn't know that the drops were artificially tweaked to play into the auction house.

...and by god, you must be very, very lucky, because after hours and hours and hours spent taking my Monk through Act I of Inferno, I have made a remarkably small amount of progress.

I have seen ONE legendary drop in my 150 hours of play time. At this rate, the amount of hours it would take to manually assemble a set of equipment that could conceivably get me through the game (and keep in mind, you have to assume that the majority of those rare drops are going to be useless) would be far and away more than I have ever, or would ever care to invest into a game.

So yes. It pisses me off a little to know that the cause of all this is essentially the RMAH.

Teaber2233d ago

A little late but i'll give this a try.

Loki862232d ago

Stacking procs and having those gold drops actually be exciting to find again = priceless.