More The Last of Us Details From Naughty Dog Tomorrow

DualShock Nexus: Everyone take a deep breath. Today was the biggest day for Playstation so far this year (if not the entire industry) and Gamescom doesn't even officially start till tomorrow. In addition to the 5 brand new games revealed at Sony's press conference, we saw new gameplay and cinematics from The Last of Us that Naughty Dog put together just for Gamescom. If more is what you crave then be on the look out for some The Last of Us details tomorrow.

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LOL_WUT2192d ago

I can't wait to see some night time footage of The Last Of Us.

flavorbabies2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Same. I bet the gameplay is even more intense and suspenseful at night, maybe even prettier with starry nights like the portion in Uncharted 3 when drake was searching the sands for Sully. http://farm9.staticflickr.c...

HebrewHammer2192d ago

That's it. Clearing my schedule until Thursday.

2192d ago
goldwyncq2192d ago

I just want to see a footage with the infected.