Diablo 3 Starter Edition now available free of charge to all players

If you have been holding off on purchasing a copy of Diablo 3, Blizzard is now giving fans the opportunity to access the Starter Edition of the game for free. Blizzard has recently released a post on, stating that anyone can now try Diablo 3, completely free of charge.

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josephps32227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

The game was such a huge disappointment. Subscriptions dropping by the millions, people selling their copies online, bad reviews and word of mouth-desperate attempt to keep a sinking shit afloat.

And lastly and most importantly....FIRST!

Tr10wn2227d ago

QQ more, the game is not what people are claiming it is, is not bad, is mainstreamed and the fans of D2 are complaining like always..... move on stop whining it was just more of the same you are just getting old......

adorie2227d ago

why don't you take your QQ and stick it where the RNG don't shine.

2227d ago
adorie2227d ago

I can't believe I agreed with you, I did at FIRST then you had to say "first" which is least important.

josephps32227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Muahahaha! I got an agree and you can't take it back! LMAO.

Okay but seriously, how can you not see "FIRST" its not a long paragraph and its written in all uppercase lol.

Okay but really seriously now. Diablo blows. See what I did there. Poetic eh :D The server problems, the rare items that are useless, bugs etc. Basically it sucks and its not just my opinion. They've lost millions of subscribers and you'll find hundreds of people selling their copies online. That is a fact. Not my opinion. It is a measurable, verifyable, unbiased fact.

You don't see that happening with Starcraft 2-another game by Blizzard which at least they didn't royally screw up but make no mistake Diablo Blows...Royally.

Moncole2227d ago

The game has no subscription, you cant sell it because it has a CD key and get off troll.

allyc4t2227d ago

There is no subscription to Diablo 3. This just goes to show that you havn't played the actual game troll.

2pacalypsenow2227d ago

Diablo 3 doesnt use subscriptions its not an mmo , you cant sell this because once its registered its useless to anyone eslse so idk what you are smoking

fermcr2227d ago

You can't sell the game key, but you can sell the account the key is registered to.

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josephps32227d ago

1) You can't sell it? huh? Just go to kijiji or craiglist and you see literally hundreds of people selling the game and ACCOUNT. Yeah you need the cd key to make an account but you can transfer that by giving your user name and password.

2) I didn't mean subscription like an WOW but the memberships. I thought that would have been understood.

You numnuts all clear on that now? Do those facts hurt your Diablo fanatic feelings? Am I lying about the memberships number dropping like a bomb and people selling their accounts online? Take your head out of the sand and try to see reality for what it is and not what you wish it was.

pandehz2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Check out this game

Its been growing really well and its wayyy better than Diablo3 or any out there atm.