343 Industries further clarifies Halo 4 Specializations after big reveal

XMNR: The Halo 4 multiplayer Specializations were revealed on Tuesday night but there were some important details that were left out. 343 Industries' David Ellis spent a couple of hours after the IGN reveal clarifying what fans should expect when the Xbox 360 game is released in November.

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Balcrist2225d ago

That's bullcrap, When i bought the Limited Edition, it said that'd I'd have all specializations at launch.... now you're telling me that it won't matter because i have to hit the level cap before i can enlist in one?!?!?

Asthenos2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

You'll have them all available, you just can't use them yet until you get to max level. People who buy Standard will have to wait months for the other six to unlock and will still have to rank up to use the two that they have. The Specs were meant to be end-game rewards to the players that were dedicated enough to hit max rank.

Cerberus292224d ago

Wait a second, what's the point of the Pioneer spec then? The mod for it allows you to gain xp faster, but there's no point if you don't get to use it until you get to the max level.

Asthenos2224d ago


Hmm that's a good point, I'm not sure then exaxtly how it works for that then.

pompombrum2225d ago

Wait what? LEVELS?????? When was it announced there would be levels again? Is there any details how it works? I hope it will offer something similar to the old Halos where getting to level 50 was actually determined by skill and not the amount of time played.

Septic2225d ago

Omg please be true. The levels were perfect in Halo 2-3! Alas, I only attainedlevel 44 on H3 :( I'm not a man.

But for Halo 4, level 50 here I come!

Asthenos2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I doubt it'll be like that, I mean what would happen if you get max rank and get the Specs unlocked and then you start doing bad in games and your level starts dropping? I personally think it's going to be more like Reach's ranks/levels that will control when you unlock Specs and then I think they'll have a separate playlist specific 1-50 skill level like H3 and that will be what is visible to other players, because they already announced that your normal rank won't actually be visible. And then that 2nd ranking system will play into how you get matched up against players and such

Loki862224d ago

Nope they have already announced the return of overall ranking for multiplayer.

Cerberus292224d ago

I kinda wish they would at least let you pick one right off the bat, but then you don't get anymore until max level.