PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

Since its inception, PlayStation Plus has delivered a strong value to PlayStation gamers. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and asking Plus members “What would you like to see added to PlayStation Plus?”

Today, I’m happy to share the news that was announced at Gamescom: PlayStation Plus is coming to PS Vita this year, and Online Game Saves are getting a giant upgrade in September.

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Knushwood Butt1988d ago

Happy I just signed up for another year.

BrutallyBlunt1988d ago

Me too. Been a member since it started.

trickman8881988d ago

Good. We definitely need more positive news.Especially with the horrible news that the Vita wouldn't support all Ps1 games at once(they will be "rolled out" over time)

Nutsack1988d ago

Happy I waited with signing up, 25% discount on PS+ soonish. And finally some PSVita support.

After the launch year PS+ didn't have my interest that much. Now my old PS+ downloads will be activated again. And free Zen Pinball upgrade to part 2 is nice!

yoshiroaka1988d ago

Didn't we get it on vita before? Like the 2 vita games that were discounted a while back.

I hope this doesn't mean we have to buy plus on the ps3 and vita separately.

stephmhishot1988d ago

Hopefully Sony makes this more clear, but in a response to this question, Sony said:

Brandon Stander on August 14th, 2012 at 3:31 pm said:

Better order that Vita now because it’s all part of your Plus membership! :)

yoshiroaka1987d ago

thanks man, thats good to know.

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