Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release Impressions (TruePCGaming)

After multiple false alarms by Square-Enix, the re-release of Final Fantasy VII for PC has finally seen the light of day. Unfortunately, it appears to be an extreme bare bones rehash of the original PC version released in 1997.

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Twisted_H3art1922d ago

Impressions of what? Its Final Fantasy VII.

truepcgaming1921d ago

Impressions of the fact that this is a terrible product which spits into the faces of PC gamers everywhere. Absolutely nothing has been done to enhanced the audio or graphical presentation. Couple that with the stupid DRM and install limit.

Godmars2901921d ago

Square/Enix standard operating procedure then.

Flavor1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

People were expecting more than just a re release. I am not surprised since the Japanese gaming industry has run out of money and ideas.

SaiyanFury1921d ago

Wow, this is pretty bad, even for S-E. I know they're more focused on money than game content now, but this is a pretty pathetic cash in of a great game, and a lousily implemented one at that. I'm glad I still have my original PS copy sitting in my rack. That and I can play the true to form original on my PS3 and PSP, and hopefully soon, my Vita.

pumpactionpimp1921d ago

That's sad I was hoping they would at least optimize it for the higher rez screens of today. It's not like they even had to overhaul the graphics! Just simply allow anti-aliasing, and higher screen resolutions. It seems SE disappoints yet again.

zeal0us1921d ago

Hopefully SE will throw it on Steam eventually.

taquito1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

ummm, it has zero jaggies, it is 1000x more crisp, way better colors

hows this game look on console right now, ohhh, yeah,....thats right, terrible;

Bimkoblerutso1921d ago

You mean it looks like the PC version of the game that's been out since 1998?

Hell, if all they had done was optimize it for widescreen resolutions and touched up the sound fidelity, I probably would have been on board at $9.99, but they apparently just re-released the 1998 PC version of the game with a bunch of DRM BS tacked on.

meatnormous1921d ago

I just remember the terrible midi soundtrack. If they didn't correct that, then no sale.

truepcgaming1921d ago

They did not, but some replacements are available here - :

100% better.

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