PlayStation at Gamescom 2012: How Did Sony Fare?

How did Sony fare, and should you be excited about the future of PlayStation?

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josephps32196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Hoping to hear about if the rumors of this new PS3 slim V2 was true or not and a price cut. Other than that meh. Maybe we'll hear something about it closer to Christmas if it actually exists.

ChunkyLover532196d ago

Was glad they decided to show off some Move software, I figured they would focus on the aspects they left out of their E3 show.

2196d ago
auen12196d ago

i'd give them an 8/10

good announcements on a wide spectrum of games, but i wanted to hear something about the redesigned ps3 slim, and a price drop on the vita.

ProjectDeputy2196d ago

very good show

creative games all over

now i need TGS ffversus announcement and last guardian

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