Sony – EUvita! OXCGN’s Gamescom Report


"Montage videos are exciting, aren’t they?

Sony’s kick off to their Gamescom-ference was no different. Jim Ryan (President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment) took to the stage feeling ‘great’ to be back in Cologne amongst so many friends (this was followed by silence and a single cough in the auditorium, no joke)."

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gaminoz2162d ago

Finally some more info on Vita games!

Now if only the price had dropped...

MasterCornholio2161d ago

Well at the game store that I usually go to they said that they would be offering the Vita bundles with a free 4GB memory card so the price isn't to bad. If you think about it once you subtract the price of the game and the memory card the Vita ends up being 190€ which is cheaper than the 3DSXL without the AC adapter


BadCircuit2162d ago

Some interesting new Ips there. I'm glad to see that Sony still values them.

DarkTower8052161d ago

For me, The Puppeteer was the best of the new ips announced today. I now a must have.

BootHammer2162d ago

Cross-Buy feature for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!

ABizzel12162d ago

I was slightly unsure about this (was going to buy it sooner or later), but now it's a day 1.

DeusExer2162d ago

I love all these little Indie type games. Games like Limbo and Braid have just as much quality as most AAA titles.

gamer78042162d ago

they killed black ops for me. No single player story and no co-op of any kind. Basically barebones missions with some pvp tacked on. Pretty dissapointing.

Killzone has potential, hopefully they do it justice.

majiebeast2162d ago

Killzone is being developed by 2 companies with talent GG and cambridge and it shows in the debut trailer. MM's new IP has my most excited the playthrough was a bit tame but the trailer got me hyped.

gamer78042161d ago

EDIT: apparently COD VITA does have a single player story. Game still doesn't look great though, but atleast there is that

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