What's New, Black Ops 2?

Treyarch has lifted the lid on the latest Call of Duty multiplayer experience that is Black Ops 2.
Promising to offer a game that "will change how you think of multiplayer", the latest revelations as to the game's new loadout and pointstreak system alludes to a unique CoD experience, fulfilling the borrage of requests for change from haters and lovers of the series alike.
So what's new in Black Ops 2, and is it really all that different from previous CoD entries?

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ChunkyLover532229d ago

The new Pick Ten for the multiplayer is actually pretty inventive. People are going to complain because the game looks like Call Of Duty, but it actually looks like they rebuilt the online portion from the ground up.

I like what I'm seeing, its a risk to go into future warfare, but from what I've seen, this will be the best COD game since the first Black Ops. Color me excited!