CheatCC Review: Furu Furu Park (3.4 out of 5) - More minigames for the Wii

CheatCC writes: "Last summer Turn It Around on the DS offered players a heavily Japanese-inspired mix of goofy mini-games all centered on the use of spin controls via the touch screen. Despite the entertaining and colorful personality of the game collection, there was little fun to be had mainly due to poor controls and a lack of depth in the individual mini-games. As one might correctly deduce from looking at the box art adorned with chubby Power Ranger clones, Furu Furu Park is essentially an updated Wii version of Turn It Around. In many ways the collection of games on the Wii shows substantial improvement over its handheld counterpart, yet it's still quite far from the polish of other big-name casual game collections. Players who liked the quirky vibe of the DS title but couldn't deal with the awkward touch controls will find a greater measure of enjoyment in Furu Furu Park."

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