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Alienware Management Talks Gaming Systems

Alienware is well known in the gaming industry for producing top level computer and laptop systems capable of handling even the most daunting of system specs from today’s games. Part of advancing the Alienware brand name involves building alliances with well known video game developers and publishers. We spoke with Lenard Swain, part of the team that handles this very business function, to find out what Alienware’s strategy is when forging these alliances.

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Community2192d ago
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aliengmr2192d ago

Never buy an Alienware desktop PC. They are an enormous waste of money. Building your own PC is far cheaper and much easier than people think. Its also a great learning experience.

MaxXAttaxX2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

There are people who don't care about building one and just want to buy everything in one package. The average consumer won't see building one as practical.
But their laptops are pretty good though.

SITH2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Exactly and I am one of those people. I got absolutely everything I wanted with a huge discount. Building has its own issues. Issues I cared to not deal with. And the money for it belongs to me, earned by me, and spent by me. I will decide if it was a waste not random people mad because I spent my money on something I wanted and they can't or choose not to.

Sure, the monitors and speakers are over priced. I personally did not get any of those from Alienware. But, the Nvidia GTX 690 was the correct price, and the i7-3960x it is mated with was also. I checked on the price for all the hardware and it was all reasonably priced. Customer service was excellent. The worst part of the experience was the shipping. FedEx is horrible and delayed my delivery three days after sending my Alienware to another state... after it passed literally a few miles right by my house on the highway.

@00 That is all good for you. I got the money to spend a lot more for a high quality and powerful gaming PC. I wasn't trying to cheap my PC out. My Gpu alone cost $999. I was not looking to upgrade for a long time. And I am 100% confident my new PC can handle all my gaming needs and more. And even if I do feel the need to upgrade, Alienware provides services to discount that upgrade.

002192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


ta da, you can get your on PC built and they put together and deliver it to you, I spent under a 1000$ and my PC is a beast.

aliengmr2185d ago

I agree, but Alienware is still way over priced.

josephps32192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

If you understand how Lego blocks work and can build a simple wall then you can put together a PC. They make it so easy a chimpanzee can do it. Everything is color coded and connectors can only go in one way so you can't incorrect connect something.

Only a lazy ignorant fool would buy from Alienware...or just go to your loco zoo and have the chimpanzee assemble the PC for you. You only have to pay him with a banana.

SITH2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Color coded Eh? You must have a tonka toy pc light weight. People with the reasources to buy high quality PCs, buy alienware. My pockets can handle a $4000 gaming system. Can yours? And you might want to get one of those lego color coded power supplies, motherboard, and a grounding wire when you install it all.You PC builders seem to always leave out grounding yourself which results in damaged hardware before you even turn it on.

Don't be mad at people who can afford nice things then try and claim we are lazy and ignorant. No such thing netted me two degrees, a Air Force career, and 17,000 flight hours. Stay in school and get a life light weight.

Enjoy your chimp quality built PC, I will continue to enjoy my High quality Aurora-R4 ALX Alienware no chimp could even attempt to build.

josephps32192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

"netted me two degrees, a Air Force career, and 17,000 flight hours."

So your 2 degrees in verbal diarrhea and Blackbelt master degree in bullcrap?

Air Force Career in a game is not the same as in real life. 17,000 flight hours in a game simulator is again not the same as in real life.

You honestly expect ANYONE to believe a person with 2 degrees, career in Air Force with 17,000 hours would display such emotional immaturity?

I'm a PC gamer but not a hardcore one but I have friends who are hardcore and they would never buy from alienware because a real hardcore gamer like a motorcycle enthusiast would never buy something off the shelf. No numnuts, they'd pick and choose parts which they feel are the best. Something they argue with other hardcore enthusiast and put everything together themselves and show it off with pride because they built it.

You my little emotionally sensitive child is just a brat who is spending his/her parents money and pretending to be Master Chief/Shepard with 2 degrees with a career in the Air Force with 13,000 flight hours...ooops that was 17,000 hours and also if you don't know already, and he really shouldn't be telling us this but he will make this great sacrifice just this once, did save the human race while we were sleeping 12 times already from the Cylons and Replicators.