Sony pushes new IP to extend PS3's shelf life

Christopher Dring:

Vita may have been about the big brands at Gamescom this week, but PS3 was almost the exact opposite - with Sony announcing even more new IP during its press conference.

Joining the already announced new IP of Beyond, Last of Us and Wonderbook were there new games from Sony's Japanese studios – Puppeteer, Rain and Until Dawn.

"PlayStation has a history of delivering the unexpected both in our software and in our hardware," said Sony Europe president Jim Ryan. "We will continue to do that."

PS3 is seven years old in the US and Japan this year, and Sony will be hoping that by continuing to develop new concepts and original ideas, it can help extend the console lifecycle and keep sales of PS3 steady ahead of the inevitable PS4.

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Morrigan-Aensland2233d ago

That's why Sony PlayStation is the best. They provide quality for all and not just some. Financial analysts and non gamers would say other -wise and that's ok because they aren't gamers. Gamers in the know knows the truth though. Try to get an experience like heavy rain, gow, kz, gt5, uc3 and others on a Nintendo platform and you'll be wasting time. The PlayStation though has games similar to Mario kart, Zelda, Mario , halo, forza and other big name franchises on other systems.

TheFinalEpisode2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

All these fresh new titles at Gamescon make me wonder how long Sony is waiting to release the PS4, it seems as if the PS3's time isn't ending anytime soon.

_-EDMIX-_2233d ago

? PS3 getting titles has nothing to do with PS4's release. Its coming out.

GOW II didn't some how stop PS3 from coming out. LOL!

Sony never said they would just solely support PS3 and nothing else, they will just support both systems at once just like they did PS1/PS2, PS2/PS3. It will be PS3/PS4.

They have no reason to NOT release a system. This means nothing to them, Sony is still a business so...

Straightupbeastly2232d ago

PS3 is hear until 2014 at the least. That's my guess. They want to see how Nintendo and Microsoft turn out. Sony can't afford to F up again.

seanpitt232232d ago

sony will not let microsoft come out first that was a big mistake last time giving microsoft a year head start probably a couple of months in it

vividi2233d ago

Thats what I love about gaming and especially sony, I love the thrill of the reveals and the waiting to get my hands on the game

ChunkyLover532233d ago

Sony is closing out the generation very well, I think Nintendo and Microsoft take a different approach and kick off new generation with exclusives and new IP's.

Its been quite a ride this generation.

blue7_72233d ago

Why are people acting like they announced so many PS3 exclusives hardcore titles. Yet seem to be bashing MS and Nintendo for not supporting their systems as much as Sony is apparently.

All they announced was a move game we have known for a while, a PSN game, and a little big planet clone type of game where pretty much the only difference is no level editor. Just saying MS has many XBLA games one really great one dust: An elysian tale is coming out tomorrow and it's a new IP many others as well and they do have Halo, A fable kinect game and forza as well so why don't they get credit. Nintendo well that's a different story I agree with people there.

ChunkyLover532233d ago

Your preaching to the choir man, I was just saying that Sony is investing quite a bit in new games for the end of a life cycle. I enjoy a lot of what the Xbox 360 still puts out, and I even bought The Last Story for the Wii the other day.

Microsoft really wowed me at the start of this generation, but its clear that they are focused on the next generation, as is Nintendo.

srcBFMVBMTH2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Um? Probably Because they DO have many core titles coming? Lol

God of War Ascension
The Last Of Us
Beyond Two Souls
The Last Guardian (Maybe)
Dust 514
PS All Stars
Sly 4
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Until Dawn

Killzone: Mercenary
Soul Sacrifice

Already released this year:
Twisted Metal

We are not excited at the amount of exclusives they announced at Gamescom. We're excited about the amount that's already coming but they STILL give us more. Don't even get me started on what they're giving us for PS+ dude. Lol

Not hating on Microsoft or anything but what have they released this year other than Kinect Star Wars, Deadlight, Dust: An Elesian Tale, and Bloodforge? Yes Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Gears of War Judgement, and Fable The Journey all look like great titles but it wouldn't hurt if they released something else and something different between all of those games.

*These titles are just from the top of my head. I know there's a few more both on Sony's side and Microsoft.

Persistantthug2233d ago

Are you pinning your hopes & dreams for a TGS PS4 announcement next month?

Let me know how that turns out. :)

ChunkyLover532233d ago

I'm not expecting a PS4 announcement until next year sometime. Not sure why you are asking me if I'm pining my hopes on an announcement sooner.

Sony would shot themselves in the foot with a PS4 announcement this year. They have some quality content and people wouldn't buy the PS3 if the PS4 was about to come out.

Persistantthug2232d ago

for what you want (holiday 2013 PS4 launch).

Time's ticking

If we don't get it next month, then we're on for holiday 2014.

So it sounds like you're giving up on 2013....basically.

You should have given up on such crazy idea's months ago, but better late then never, I guess.

Personally, I'm not even sure 2014 is assured, but I guess we'll save that for this time next year. lol

GribbleGrunger2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

For GOD'S sake! Are these sites stupid? Are they run by morons with no memories or ears? they're not trying to extend the life of the PS3, they're carrying on as usual. The PS3 was always intended to have a ten year lifecycle, just like the PS1 and the PS2 before it.

'Sony will be hoping that by continuing to develop new concepts and original ideas, it can help extend the console lifecycle and keep sales of PS3 steady ahead of the inevitable PS4.'

It beggars belief; it really does. To these people, history doesn't exist and statements from Sony have never been made.

three disagrees? how old are you? 10? 12? Are you too young to have owned a PS1 or a PS2 for ten years? This is nothing new. Sony are not 'hoping' to extend the lifecycle for ten years by continued support. It's their strategy and always has been since they began in this business. There's no 'hoping' about it, it's Sony LAW

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