PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Requires No Character Unlocking

Superbot Entertainment has confirmed that every character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be unlocked from the very beginning.

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MaideninBlack2041d ago

It's like that in many fighters these days.

Pushagree2040d ago

IT ensures that everyone will be able to play as thier favorite character as soon as they get the game. One mistake brawl made was hyping up sonic and snake and then locking them for the first 20 something hours of gameplay. Most people paid to play was those characters and they deserved to get thier money's worth right away .

sikbeta2040d ago


And takes away all the fun of the challenge and rewards, tell me at least I'll unlock skins or s#*t like that!?


Uh... eh... OK, will take it because of the cross-buy thing regardless, but really dumb >:(

Septic2040d ago

Yeah that kinda sucks as there is less of an incentive to do the story mode. Tekken did the unlocking thing well.

But you get free VITA copy courtesy of Cross Play so no way am I complaining.

bostoner2040d ago

well they already have pre order skins available so I'm sure they'll be in game skins unlockable. I can see numerous obvious ones for characters like sack boy and fat princess considering she already has the pirate outfit. But kratos hasn't really changes much over the years so I don't know how many you'll be able to unlock. Me I don't mind not unlocking characters. I just want to play the thing.

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Snookies122041d ago

I agree, I love going through story/arcade/etc. to unlock characters. I especially love Smash Bros. way of doing it, where you never know when you'll encounter a new character and you have to beat them to unlock them... I wish they'd gone with that style but oh well...

Awesome_Gamer2041d ago

Well, that's a bit dissapointing.

KidBroSweets22041d ago

But then that's just another way people would complain about it being a rip off of smash bros

DirtyLary2041d ago

Fun? Maybe the actual fight? Hence fighting game.

grailly2041d ago

lol, what's with the disagrees? people just want to unlock sh*t and don't want to have fun with the actual game?
That actually explains CoD's success

vickers5002040d ago

Unlocking is its own type of fun. In games like BF3, being forced to use weapons you don't want to use will force you to try new and different weapons, and you'll discover that you will actually have a good time using those weapons you would otherwise NEVER try out if everything in the game were available from the start.

It adds more life to the game, through forced experimentation. Sure, playing with what you want right away is fun, but the feeling doesn't last that long compared to having to unlock everything.

Plus, there's nothing to work towards if there's no unlock system. There's only so much time you can play a game before it becomes boring and repetitive, no matter how much you love the game. An unlock system delays that unavoidable feeling of repetition considerably.

xAlmostPro2040d ago

Genuine question, does Smash bros have online multiplayer? Because all stars will.

It would be considered unfair if somebody had a character you didn't have during an online fight, that plus a bit of a spoiler when you see them

secretcode2040d ago

It does, but it is quite limited in terms of game modes/customization and in all honesty the internet service/lag is hit and miss.

Irishguy952040d ago

Hmm, any one whos played Smash bros will tell you unlocking character is fun

"A new Challenger has appeared!"

*Wolf from Star Fox kicks the **** out of you

Muffins12232040d ago

D: Thats the only reason to play the story...

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Nitrowolf22041d ago

um what
I could have sworn they said that they would have some unlocks :/ was hoping that they would keep some of the characters a secret

TheFinalEpisode2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Paul Gale said in his site that many characters would have to be unlocked. Not sure which is right...

-Alpha2041d ago

Well, one of them is wrong.

I guess the unlockables will be alt skins, and maybe stages.

They should have kept all the characters unlocked for online multiplayer, but should have left offline alone. They could have even made unlock all characters a "Shortcut DLC" like DICE did for all I care, I'd have liked to earn some of these awesome characters.

vividi2041d ago

I think in an online centric game you need all the characters from the get go, but I hope that there are some secrets and some things to unlock

Whitefeather2041d ago

That's disappointing. I always loved playing non stop for days to unlock characters.

user54670072041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

What is the actual point in that....seen this when they were answering peoples questions on the US blog....after they ignored all the complaints from people asking them about why did they add the New Dante.....arseholes, you can't just ignore a ton of people asking the same question nicely ¬¬'s sad to see a game such as this won't be getting any unlocks. They better listen to fan feedback and change stuff around because it's the one thing that keeps people playing after the storymode.

smashcrashbash2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Because it is a stupid question. No one cares but the idiots. Who gives a $hit how Dante looks? They probably didn't answer you because it is childish to harp on about something that doesn't really matter. What difference does it make? All you should be concerned about is how Dante fights not how he looks. Just give it up already. Being an idiot nicely doesn't make you any less of an idiot.

Besides there are still costumes to unlock. I asked on Playstation Blog and they said besides the ones you get by pre-ordering you unlock costumes as you play the game and there are about ten of them for each person. Each costume makes the character look different.Notice they said no CHARACTER unlocks but they never said no unlocks at all.

user54670072041d ago

You know your a right arsehole you know that....unlocking characters is a great feature in games like this but oh look at this your totaly fine with it like every other thing about this game. I mean we get it you like the game as it is but other people don't, does it mean we hate, we just think it holds more potential.

You know what i find funny about people like yourself, you call the users comments and personal attack them while also falling into the immature/trolling categories yet the person you do this to hasn't offeended you so why feel the need to attack them in the first place.

Having all the charcters unlocked dosen't add anything to the game, it's such a fun feature in other games but obviously you don't care because everything Superbot does with this game is golden to you. You've done nothing but bash anyones opinion if it isn't possitive....

DarkBlood2041d ago

so have you MikeCosgrove on re6 related articles, but you dont need to return fire that just makes you an ass as well

Snookies122041d ago

@DarkBlood - What's positive about RE6? Lol, sure looks like a mess to me.

DigitalRaptor2040d ago

No Mike, what I see here is self-entitlement and immaturity on your part.

Character unlocks are nice, but what do you gain from them? A sense of achievement, progression perhaps? The illusion of having more content? Surprises?

It's a good thing, but at the end of the day having them locked is just an illusion of replayability. If the game is fun enough, you'll play it until it doesn't seem fun anymore.

Also, they did respond to the questions, although why the question needs asking in the first place just shows how lacking in common sense most of these idiots are. Capcom, not Sony or Superbot are in charge of the Dante character. Same with the idiots condemning Sony for no Crash or Spyro... yet!

LiViNgLeGaCY2040d ago


My god. You're in every single Battle Royal article, whining and complaining about something. Then you attack people and call them names because they don't agree with you. Real mature.

Seriously. Shut up.

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AntsPai2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Hopefully there'll be a costume unlock for old Dante, maybe even new Vergil & old Vergil since they said every character will have many costumes to unlock. I'm also kind of wishing for a Kuro costume for Toro.

Edit: also, Um Jammer Lammy would be an awesome costume unlock, there's many possiblities here actually when I really think about it, many even Kai for Nariko... If she's in it that is.

Edit2: Also I would really appreciate the old PS1/2 or whatever costumes as unlocks

VanillaBear2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

OMG I know right, I was one of many who has asked them and they've totaly ignored our comments. I mean way to treat your fanbase.

Very unprofessional


Oh look at that smashcrashbash defending the hell out of the game again and being hatefull against someones comment who dosen't share the same opinion as him. Dude...nothing is perfect, they messed up big time here, unlockable in fighting games keep me hooked for days untill I've unlocked them all. Why wouldn't you want to see that

***No one cares but the idiots. Who gives a $hit how Dante looks?***

Idiots, why go there

Obviously people give a crap with how many people have asked. Stop defending them man...jesus.


Oh wait they replied

***We understand that different people have their own favorite version of Dante. However, once players sit down and try him out they will realize that he’s simply a blast to play!***

Are they serious...own version of Dante. It's either the old one or the new one. Why are they trying to talk this down with PR bullcrap.

majiebeast2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

You need to understand its Capcom's way or the highway so if you want old dante go complain to them. They will probably add old dante as alt costume plus he looks extremely fun and crazy to play.

Also having the entire roster unlocked is a good thing love it when i take over a game to a friends house and find out half the roster isnt there.

LiViNgLeGaCY2040d ago


Exactly. Thank you. People need to be angry with Capcom, not Superbot.

Besides, he plays EXACTLY like Dante, regardless of how he looks. That matters the most to me.

WeskerChildReborned2041d ago

They most likely have new Dante just to promote DMC.

Omegabalmung2041d ago

Im pretty sure the only way Capcom would let Superbot use Dante is to put the new looking Dante in their game for promotional purposes.

Fez2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

You're blood pressure must go through the roof whenever you see a PS All Stars or Assassins Creed 3 article on the front page :P

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