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Most gamers want a headset that delivers high quality surround sound and voice communication without any messy wires. The Tritton Warhead 7.1 headset delivers on those desires, but is its arrival just a little too late?

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Dlacy13g2192d ago

Reviewer raises a great point. As excited for this headset as I am, I don't think I can justify the price. I would have replaced my Turtle Beach X41's with this but given the next xbox is all but confirmed next year I just dont think its wise. The only way these sell is if they can tell me they are forward compatible for the next xbox.

pajustinm2192d ago

Thanks, I'm glad you liked my review!

Also, it would help if Tritton actually had a way of creating a custom EQ setting to adjust the bass, mid and treble. I wasn't joking when I said the bass floods the mids and highs.

tokugawa2192d ago

I would say that these are compatible with the next xbox... that is the only reason i can think of why they took so long to come out.

anyway, i have the sennheiser pc360s with an astro mixamp. i wont be trading them for these thats for sure

TerraMantis2187d ago

Are gaming headsets really popular? I've never bought a pair, I have an entertainment system for PC and console gaming though. Headsets can't compare to that... right?