Sony is trying to prove that the "PS Vita" is not dead

"Guys, we have not forgotten the Vita, ok?" Basically this was the message from Sony during its conference in Gamescom this year. After leaving your laptop at E3 2012, was the least she could do, no?

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Abash2168d ago

I guess they really proved it

Morrigan-Aensland2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I believe the vita will outdo the 3ds in everyway even though it doesnt seem like it. The softwares are coming and they are coming in abundance. 3ds is out very strong at the moment but there is only so much Mario and Zelda titles Nintendo can make a year. The vita will be on good standing once it has killzone, c.o.d, GTA v, assassins creed, Gran turismo. I love my vita. I'll leave the toys for the kids and pretending adults with their one circle pad incomplete device that requires a separate attachment.

The vita proves that the Wii u and 3ds are inferior devices

yabhero2168d ago

I laughed when you said a home console. (WiiU) is technically inferior to a handheld (Vita)
The saddest part is huge fanboys like yourself can't realize that te 3DS and Vita are both great handhelds and that the majority of both is over 14... Not little kids

DarkHeroZX2167d ago


The majority of people who own a vita are us college aged kids or older. I have the Zelda gold and black edition but finding people my age with a 3ds is really hard. Only middle and elementary school kids are walking around with one. When we first heard of how low vita sales where in comparison to the 3DS I didn't believe it because me and alot of the people I know into handheld gaming had a vita. But only me and 3 female students have a 3DS.

SlavisH22168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

they proved vita and the move are still getting supported. Why want a wii u when the ps3 does all of that NOW!

yabhero2168d ago

It doesn't though... LOL...
WiiU is a next gen system...
Still Somy did a great press confrence...

DarkHeroZX2167d ago

The wii u is hardly next Gen. Its still within this gen's range. Plus Sony is also making the vita a controller for ps3 next update, so wii u's main selling point will be DOA.

yabhero2167d ago

NOTICE: Posting the truth about WiiU on N4G with result in a fanboy hate swarm. Nothing can be done to avoid this. Logic, developer quotes and facts are invalid in the face of sheer fanboyism. Even if the real WiiU specs are revealed to be far more powerful than PS3 the facts will be ignored... Please avoid making true statements about WiiU in the future...

DarkHeroZX2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Dude you also have some developers who say the opposite or give the impression of the opposite about the Wii-U. Remember nothing is final until launch. Remember when the ps3 was suppose to have 2 cells and a decent gpu and be capable of 120fps? I do and look what happened before they launched. 1 cell and the crappy RSX. Wait until launch before you start claiming fact. You can be very right but there's also a good chance your wrong or just over wanking the wii u.

Also even if the wii U is more powerful then by how much? Oh that's right you don't know lol so be quiet. It may very well be not by much to consider buying over the current cheaper consoles. And off rumors are true the wii U wont be coming with a hard drive and it'll still be more expensive.

Protagonist2168d ago

PSVITA was never dead...trolls and congrats to Sony for one of the best gaming events !

chrisarsenalsavart2168d ago

Apart from the fact that nihilistic is making blackops declassified.
that is something that really grind my gear.

Protagonist2168d ago

When I saw the COD trailer, my first thought was.... hmmm it kinda looks like Resistance: Burning Skies. Now I know why.

DigitalAnalog2168d ago

It was surprising to see two AAA sony devs working on the Vita. That's what I'm talking about.

fOrlOnhOpe572168d ago

Sony dont really have to prove anything. They have the best hanheld console on the market and now they are building a top class library for it. Its not an overnight achievement.
Remember. PS3 also had 'no games '

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