Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted Posters Popping Up In Brooklyn

Kotaku reports, Rockstar Games has begun the "viral" portion of its Grand Theft Auto IV marketing campaign, posting convincing wanted posters on Brooklyn-area telephone poles featuring Niko Bellic, the game's protagonist. The poster warns that Bellic is "wanted for questioning in connection with a shooting at a nightclub in the Hove Beach area of Broker" explaining that the perpetrator is of eastern European descent "which narrows it down to about 95% of the Hove Beach community." The poster jokes "Even we can't arrest that many foreigners" and suggests that Bellic be shot on sight.

The GTA IV poster also features an e-mail address and web site for the Liberty City Police Department. While the site isn't currently up, the e-mail auto responder is.

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masterg3795d ago

Great way to advertise.

Cyrus3653795d ago

why only in New York though, I know it's set in there, but still, should they be doing this kind of viral advertising big cities all over the united states?

antoinetm3795d ago

They don't need to advertise it elsewhere because people will talk about it anyways.

At least that's how i see it, and its already working.

Rockwallaby3795d ago

It's their home town, did you see the billboards. Do they really "need" to advertise this game, not really

AnthonyPerez3795d ago

Because New York City is the greatest city in the United States, possibly even the world.

* New Yorker here :-P *

SUP3R3795d ago

New Yorker here as well...
I wish I saw one of these posters I'd take it and put it on my wall.
It might become a novelty item one day.

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Blackmoses3795d ago

although I wonder how many non-gammers, unaware that this is a game advertisement, will think that these are real wanted posters?

Cyrus3653795d ago

well the hope is, they'll go check out the website/email site, and see that it's a game?

Charlie26883795d ago

I guarantee you someone is bound to actually believe its a true wanted poster and start looking for "Niko Bellic" >.>

Dr Pepper3795d ago

What if they actually find him...


RecSpec3795d ago

I had the exact same thought. Some guy who may look like him would see that poster and freak, especially on the he can be shot on site part.

Dr Pepper3795d ago

I read somewhere that they based him off of the main enemy sniper from Behind Enemy Lines (the one whose tracking Wilson). It may or may not be true, but there is some resemblance.

Charlie26883795d ago

do you mean you hope poor Vladimir Mashkov is not near one of those posters? XD

Whoooop3795d ago

Well now that you wrote that...

He looks a bit like the guy you're talking about. He's name is Vladimir Mashkov and he's Russian.

In COD4 the son of the Russian (think he's russian) looks exactly like that guy too. Same warm up suit and same style.

I always wondered if they inspired in that character to create him for the game.

Dr Pepper3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Ah, so that's his name.

Yeah when playing CoD 4 I thought the son looked a lot like him also (I doubt it's a coincidence, as he was wearing the same clothing).

Cyrus3653795d ago

LOL for sure, someone will spot a Niko look alike, and report it!

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