Sony’s Gamescom conference win: everything you need to know

Here’s all the info, all the details and all the win from Sony’s 2012 Gamescom conference. Find out about the games, the news and why the future looks rosy.

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Thatguy-3102226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Even though Sony is going through tough times right now I salute them for giving us MORE GAMES and not hesitating one bit. New IP'S are announce and they aren't afraid to invest on them even if they aren't for the common "core"gamer. As a customer I salute them and wish for better days to them but they seriously deserve respect from gamers because they give us games after games after games.

Irishguy952226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Wait...I haven't been paying much attention these last few days...what new things did Sony show?

---Serious question

Edit---Oh wait - I read the article/

NewMonday2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Puppeteer (Must have)
Rain (Must have)
Until Dawn (very interested)

Tearaway (Must have)
Black Ops 2: Declassified(very interested)
Killzone: Mercenary(interested)
Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation (Must have)

previous PS3 "Must haves":
Last of Us
GOW Ascension
Tales Of Xillia

total 7

previous PSV "Must haves":
Soul Sacrifice
LBP Vita
Sly 4
PS All Stars BR

total 6

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Freak of Nature2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Yes with games like Puppeteer,tearaway and Rain you can see this clearly. They take more risks, and look to be more innovative.Cookie cut games be damned. Creativity and style hello!

In tearaway I love that you can personalize and customize your world to your heart’s content, more info on that has been promised in the future, I think they will show lots of diverse gaming options with this too

MM invested a lot of money for research for their new game? I am assuming their big research will be for their other game and not tearaway? I want this and a new PS3 game from them, but they never said that this game will be Vita exclusive, could be coming on both the vita and PS3. There other game will probably only rear it's beautiful head when PS4 is shown...

I love the new twists in gameplay beyond the eye candy too...

goldwyncq2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

@ dboyc310
I see it as Sony's retort to those who said that the PS3 has no games.

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berndogskate2226d ago

yeah true same cannot be said about the competition, they just want to milk the xbots

MySwordIsHeavenly2226d ago

I honestly don't understand how Sony can afford to make so many freaking games for PS3/Vita owners!!!

The sad truth of this is...people don't care how many incredible titles there are/will be for PS3 and Vita. They will buy a 360 with Black Ops II and Halo 4 because they are household names and the 360 is cheap.

Sony can keep pushing out more games than Nintendo and Microsoft combined and they may never break even. People will buy anything, if you can convince them they need it.

DaThreats2226d ago

They never are bankrupt for their gamers

jonboi242226d ago

I care about their incredible titles!

MySwordIsHeavenly2226d ago

I'm glad you guys are in. :) If Sony is the greedy, self-indulgent mega corporation that people say it has an odd way of showing it.

They've given me experiences that no other company in the history of the world could.

Soldierone2226d ago

They did break even though. PS3 isn't selling at a loss anymore and it climbed a huge mountain to get there, the other two didn't do that. They also broke records (and still hold the records?) for PS2 sales, and that had the same formula behind it.

I think PS4 will be huge for Sony if priced right and if development for it is easy.

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Xperia_ion2226d ago

People should focus on what they like and not what other people like, I like Sony and I'm sticking with them not because I'm loyal, but because *drum roll*...... I like their games its that simple.

Bathyj2226d ago

Thats what the haters fail to recognise. I dont buy most my games on Playstation cos I love Sony, (even though I've loved Sony since the 80's), I buy them because I love their games and want to invest in a games library on Hardware I trust.

I bought most of my games on Xbox last gen, but brand loyalty doesnt stop me from going to who I feel is serving me best at the moment.

Still putting out new IP's even this late in the game. Awesome stuff.

Xperia_ion2226d ago

My favorite thing about Sony is the options they give me, you want the same games you like and just play those games we got you, do you want different new experiences we got you, do you like your old ass ps1 classics we got you, do you like 2$ minis we got you, do you like motion controls we got you, do you like indie games we got you, do you like play create share we got you, do you have a lot of Blu rays we got you, do you want to upgrade your memory space we got you.

Do you want a game like smash bros ? We definitely got you.

MySwordIsHeavenly2226d ago


People don't understand that. They understand Call of Duty and "can I use it as a cup holder?".

You are right though. Sony gives EVERY type of gamer several options. Luckily, my tastes vary. ;)

HaHa_Ostrich2226d ago

Media Molecule aquisition was a remarkably good decision by Sony. Now I want a Vita dammit!

Biggest2226d ago

Totally agree. Tearaway looks sick. Minus FIFA (because I'm more of a bball guy) there was something for everyone in my household. They didn't show any games, but the Disney logo for Wonderbook got my little girl excited. My son is also excited about the BBC Earth stuff (nerd kid) and everything Vita related. I got my Last of Us fix along with the Japan Studios games. My wife just secured herself some extra me time. I think I won Gamescon!!!

MySwordIsHeavenly2226d ago

Wonderbook seems to be getting a lot of hits. I think this is something that families could enjoy, without having to deal with that whole competitive/arguing aspect of it, like Wii Sports/Kinect Adventures/Sports Champions.

The Wonderbook, if marketed correctly, could be Sony's big "in" to the casual crowd.

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