Desperately-needed Vita support, refreshing new PS3 games coming from Sony

Gamasutra - Sony had a stronger press conference in Europe than it did in Los Angeles two months ago. There were more details, more games, and better presentations of things we'd seen before. It felt like an oldschool E3 press conference, where new games were expected, even common.

But it wasn't just that. The company showed how its initiatives are going -- some in leaps and bounds, some in increments.

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TheFallenAngel2162d ago

If Sony and Activision teams up and market this game then they might have a hit. It might be good for the call of duty junkies.

PoSTedUP2162d ago

tearaway looks brilliant

gaffyh2162d ago

This is very true, and I'm soooo surprised to see MM and GG working on Vita games, when the PSP was pretty much overlooked by mainstream devs and Bend Studio had to make ports of stuff.

r212162d ago

yes it does, it puts BO Declassified to shame!

PoSTedUP2161d ago

KZ and AC:L put declassified to shame.

yeah i hope it's the opposite this gen (handheld gen). quantity <quality ill be patient and just let the good games roll... in.

Burning_Finger2162d ago

More the same FPS is not the answer. Variety is what makes the playstation brand successful in the first place.

FinaLXiii2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Vita wont have sucess with washed out shooters that have similarities with their home console versions conterparts that will likely play like crap.

Vita needs to have its own original experiences like tearaway

ABizzel12162d ago

I agree, but a console also needs established as well franchises. You can have all the new IP's you want, but without those multi-million dollar sellers you're still going to struggle.

Most developers / publishers / console makers still struggle with the balance of New IP : Established franchises.

BrutallyBlunt2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I have a problem spending $50 on an Uncharted game for Vita with a 5" screen as opposed to $60 for the Playstation 3 game that looks great on a 50" screen and comes with multiplayer and feels like a bigger game with way higher production.

Both Nintendo and Sony are going to have to try even harder now with the adoption of smartphones and tablets where most of those games are under $10. Not only that many games on PSN, XBLA and Steam are under $20 and some of them are awesome. Games like Sound Shapes that are $10-$15 and can be played on either Vita or the PS3 offer great value. When we get into the $40 range i'm thinking of fully immersive games on a big screen now. Even look at the Metal Gear Solid bundle. You get more games and it can be played on a large HDTV with the console as opposed to the Vita version.

The Vita is a great device, it's just released in different times where the consumer has a different set of values and wants their portatble devices to do more than just games now. Nintendo still manages to do very well in this area but their handhelds are also not marketed as high end gaming devices. Nintendo will also find themselves in an awkward situation when the Wii U arrives. You will have games like 2D Mario Brothers on both the 3DS and the Wii U. All this does is cause confusion between portable and console gaming and how one interprets the dollar value to each and which is the preferred way of playing it. Also the consumer may question why it wasn't just made for the Wii U or just made for the 3DS. You start splitting your IP's like that and one will no doubt suffer.

ABizzel12162d ago

I agree. They need to fix the pricing of Vita games. Nothing should cost over $40, and even that's pushing it.

forevercloud30002162d ago

I think both of them are already learning no one is trying to pay that much for a handheld game, regardless of it's quality. $40 is the cap for me, and $20 is game buying sweet spot.

Soldierone2162d ago

Killzone made me a happy Vita owner.....COD on Vita just made me go "Don't tell me this will be the standard" It looks like a piece of crap phone game with one exception.....piece of crap phone games are not stuck in 4V4 online.....

Nihilistic Software you are failing, Sony stop letting them represent the Vita they are doing a terrible job with it. Everything releasing around their games look and play fantastic, then they come along with half arsed attempts with major franchises names on the covers....

FinaLXiii2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Resistance Burning Skies looked great at first and then you know what happened i said KZ Mercenary looked half-decent in previous article because i only know half of it.

waiting for reviews to see if its really worth it.

Soldierone2162d ago

Resistance didn't look "terrible" but it wasn't looking great either. Everything about the game was half arsed though....lackluster online, poor level designs, extremely short single player, and it added literally no purpose to the Resistance universe AT ALL. The PSP version did the exact opposite, it actually added to the universe and pushed a little boundaries.....

I just don't understand why Vita is stuck in 4v4 worlds, when PSP didn't even get stuck there.....

smashcrashbash2162d ago

Of course as usual the media has to exaggerate as much as possible. Yes the VITA was DESPERATELY needing support. It's not that Sony was planning to support it all the time and we are just getting the games that we were too impatient to wait for

Jihaad_cpt2162d ago

People are too impatient these days. Why can't they they just wait. People can really suck if you give them enough time.

Rockdown2162d ago

Why should Vita adopters have have to suffer software droughts whilst waiting for Sony to get their act together? A decently supported console/handheld should have at least one decent game released for it a month. With the Vita, its once every 4-5 months, this is unacceptable.

Hicken2161d ago

Decent games for the Vita:

Unit 13
Gravity Rush
Sound Shapes
Metal Gear HD
MLB The Show
Super Stardust

And plenty of others. In just six months.

Oh, but I guess we'll disregard Metal Gear, The Show, Wipeout, Super Stardust, Rayman, and Uncharted, because they all have iterations on other consoles, right? While we're at it, let's disregard Zelda, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Super Mario, and others on the 3DS.

Sorry, but I'm not suffering. I've got The Show, Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Super Stardust, P3P, Everyday Shooter, Yggdra Union, Tactics Ogre, and others to keep me from suffering.

Ragnarok Odyssey comes out this month, LBP is next month, and then Persona 4, ACIII, and Zero Escape come out in October. PS All Stars will be out after that.

And then there's still Soul Sacrifice, ZoE HD, FFX HD, Warrior's Lair, Killzone, Dragon's Crown, Jet Set Radio, Project Diva(hopefully), Malicious, New Little King's Story, and a Shin Megami Tensei game to look forward to.

I may also pick up Sly Cooper, Sine Mora, Smart As, DJ Max, Bioshock, and The Legend of Heroes, among others.

To say nothing of the games I haven't bought that are already out, like: Escape Plan, Everybody's Golf, Lumines, Katamari, Sumioni, Disgaea, and Puddle.

Yeah, as a Vita owner, I'm really suffering. Since I also have a console, work, write novels, make music, draw comics, and otherwise have a social life, I really don't have the time for all those games.

It'd be easier on me if Sony made your horrible lie a reality and only made a decent game once every 4-5 months.

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