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LittleBigPlanet and Vita Take a Swipe at Nintendo With a Solid Wii U Impression

1up - As we approach the Wii U launch, Sony's not being shy about its imitation. (LittleBigPlanet 2, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U)

-Mezzo-  +   1197d ago
As we approach the Wii U launch, Sony's not being shy about its imitation.
This is just Low.
GribbleGrunger  +   1197d ago
Agreed. Sony showed LBP2 being played with the Vita at the very E3 that revealed the Wiiu... and BEFORE the Wiiu was announced.
garos82  +   1197d ago
vita playsttion 3 does not equal to wii u when will people understand this. wii tablet doesnt even support multi touch
TBM  +   1197d ago
why do we even care what the western gaming media thinks, and says anymore? professionalism is an extreme lost art for them.
telekineticmantis  +   1197d ago
But you gotta give 1up points
for trying hard... I wonder what they'll do next. I can take a guess
ChickeyCantor  +   1197d ago
So are we ignoring games like Four sword and FF:Crystal chronicles on the gamecube?
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miyamoto  +   1197d ago
This 1up article is clearly flame bait low.
The gaming media of today always try to reverse the chicken and egg story.

Remember Sony showed the NGP PS3 dual screen remote play feature first.

It was a feature too good to be passed by Nintendo & M$.

we still have low life writers these days?
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Getowned  +   1197d ago
1up hans't been a good site for a long time now, I use to viset them years ago but they are just full of fail now.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1196d ago
I thought the Vita/NGP and this functionality had been announced and released BEFORE the Wii U.
Very funny 1up.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1197d ago
Why is this low? Sony would be stupid not to show Vita's capabilities and exploit its ability to play with the Playstation 3. It will be a tough sell mind you since what most people want for their investment is support.


Let's hope things improve but seeing as how the Playstation 3 is nearing the end of its cycle there's not going to be much hype for this feature. I fully expect the Playstation 4 to trounce the Wii U but for now the Wii U will have the upper hand as far as game support and how well the Gamepad works with the hardware as opposed to the Vita and Playstation 3.
HammadTheBeast  +   1197d ago
He means that the website has reached an all-time low, by openly trying to incite a flame war.

And 3.....2.....1....


Getowned  +   1197d ago

I could actually hear the


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nevin1  +   1197d ago
So is this one step of whats to come?
Fullmetalevolust  +   1197d ago
is it just me or has the vita already been launched months ago with the very idea of showcasing this kind of tech?
Sure it wasn't at launch but the conception of the vita interacting with the PS3 proves the existence of the tech and the idea behind it....I could be mistaken.
BitbyDeath  +   1197d ago
The tech was first shown years ago on the PSP, it didn't take off at the time though
Technical World  +   1197d ago
Really, it started back with the Game Boy Advance, just not very well. I was dissapointed with the PSP's remote play feature I thought it was such a good idea but nothing was done with it. Looks like the Vita's fixing it though.
Protagonist  +   1197d ago
You´re both right!
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ChunkyLover53  +   1197d ago
This is the thing, Sony has done a great job with hardcore gamer's, will those gamer's adopt this approach? Hardcore Nintendo fans wont switch from Nintendo's consoles, they like the Nintendo IP's.

I like cross play, I've liked it ever since Zelda Four Swords on the GBA/GCN. I'm just saying that this version of crossplay isn't spelling doom for Wii U.

Not sure why when there is a similar idea shown , people freak out and think its doom for Nintendo. When Move was announced people said the Wii was doomed, when the Vita was announced people said the 3DS was doomed. I think there are enough gamer's that each of the new consoles will find a level of success.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1197d ago
Chill out, this is years old from PSP days. Why so insecure about Nintendo? They don't seem worried.
ChunkyLover53  +   1197d ago
I'm not insecure about Nintendo, I think they are going to light it up this holiday with the Wii U. I want to grab at least two, one for personal use and one for Ebay, hoping to get a cool $1200-1400 for one like I did with the original Wii.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1196d ago
Are we pretending that GBA-GC connectivity was good enough to brag about now and that it's somehow the same exact thing?
O_O  +   1197d ago
Wasn't this shown before the Wii U was announced?.
He's either a poor troll or completely clueless.
Sanquine90  +   1197d ago
Buying my second vita! I also going to buy the wii U :) But i like sony more! Everyone sees sony as the big evil company.. However , their first party support is superb! I love sony<3 I think microsoft is dropping the ball of the big three ( They have a lot more money)
Getowned  +   1197d ago
Nintendo and Sony are my favs.. but this gen Nintendo dropped the ball imo, The DS was good tho.
sincitysir1  +   1197d ago
can everyone relaxe? everyone is going to take some idea from someone else and iterate it into their own idea. look at tablets. look at movies. look at cars. EVERYTHING takes SOMETHING from somewhere else and tries to make it their own. Some people/companies are just better at seeming original. some people want the wii u experience but don't like nintendo so they have sony. some people hate sony and nintendo or dont want to buy their products so they have microsoft. its all business.
O_O  +   1197d ago
"everyone is going to take some idea from someone else and iterate it into their own idea"
That's true, but people are angry because the article at hand is saying that Sony has stolen an idea from Nintendo- which they haven't.
I won't stant for this sort of talk about my Sony, i wont, i just wont...*runs upstairs*
sincitysir1  +   1197d ago
haha i love sony. i personally consider them my favorite! i have a vita and i love it but im not a rabid fan. I know what you mean though! Sony just found another use for their handheld. it isn't their fault it closely resembles nintendos formula.
Protagonist  +   1197d ago
I´m kinda a rabid fan ;o)
O_O  +   1197d ago
I meant *STAND*
Curse you, 15 minute edit limit.
@ Protagonist
Me too, i even foam at the mouth, at times.
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Xperia_ion  +   1197d ago
This is flamebait for PlayStation fans and Nintendo fans.
HammadTheBeast  +   1197d ago
You don't say.

Sickening flaimbait.
R_A_LEE20  +   1197d ago
All I can see with this is Sony telling us to spend over £400 on a PS3 and Vita for a feature that's hardly ever gonna get used, well in this generation at least.

Were as the Wii U has it built in from start and every game can benefit from its features.

This is the problem I see with newer tech being add to old tech like the Wii Motion Plus and PS Move. The reason Motion Plus hardly has any games for it is due to developers taking a complete shot in the dark not knowing how many people actually have the add on to play the game. And it's the same for PS Move and why it's mainly an add on feature for major titles rather than a solo feature.
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sincitysir1  +   1197d ago
i agree about that. boo ps move. had it. hated it.
Hicken  +   1197d ago
Who is "us?" DO you not already have a PS3? If not, then you're missing out, and spending that money would get you TWO gaming systems- not just one- each with unique and cross-compatible libraries of games.

But there are roughly 50-60 million other people(adjusted for defective systems and multiple system owners) who already have a PS3; they only need to buy a Vita. And then they get all this great stuff.

Every game CAN benefit from this feature on Sony devices- in this world of internet and patches- but they won't. Every game CAN benefit from the WiiU's features, but they won't. (We already know this from the fact that some games will only use the Classic Pro or whatever they call it, and presumably some will only use the Wiimote.)

What Sony's telling "us" is that "If you have our two devices, you can do a helluva lot of stuff, including what these guys over here can do. And you've still got two devices that can work on their own."

I don't understand why people keep bringing up the "You have to buy two devices" angle as if millions don't already have at LEAST a PS3. Nor can I figure out why they forget how, even if you DID have to buy both, you're getting two systems that can operate independently of each other. Or that you can't take the tablet of the WiiU to the next city over and still play the WiiU games you have at home.

It's like they see one negative and forget EVERY positive and possible positive so that the one bad thing will be the most important, and therefore a reason NOT to buy, be supportive, or be excited.
TheDivine  +   1197d ago
Sony fans are the ones comparing the vita+ps3 to wii-u in the 1st place. They say wii-u isnt needed because vita+ps3 can do everything wii-u can.

Buy system #1 or buy system #2 plus a 300 dollar handheld. System #1 will use the tablet for every game as a standard. #2 will use it for 2-3 games as a cool little gimmick although for the extra money you get exclusives on the vita and can play it outside of the home so thats mainly why someone would get i hope. This will be a bonus for ps fans like me that own both and if i can stuff like ps all stars on ps3 and get the vita version its a HUGE bonus. The wii-u is more like a ds anyways, dual screens were used in lots of innovative ways and im pumped for what we'll see on the wii-u.

Its a fair comparison but its really using 2 systems to immitate one system. Its like motion controls, wii used it as a standard then sony added it to a few games so they can say "me too". Im glad they did as options are always good but if your a fan of the motion or now dual screens its obvious you wouldnt buy a ps3 and vita for a couple games that let you use menus or play against a friend.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1197d ago
all i can see is sony gives you more options to play with, they don,t ask you to go and spend 400 if you don,t want to.
exemple: if you like motion control you can get a move controler if not don,t.
and another thing, can you take your wiiu controler to play outside, i didn,t think so.
so please, do not compare a Wiiu with a ps3/psvita.
the wiiupad is a cheap ass tablet compare to the vita high specs.
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MrBeatdown  +   1197d ago
Saying Sony's asking you to spend £400 on a PS3 and Vita for this feature is like saying McDonalds is trying to get you to pay $3 for a pickle. You're ignoring the cheeseburger. They're trying to get you to buy the burger, not the pickle. And if you're buying it just for the pickle, well, you're doing it wrong.

Cross platform features aren't supposed to be THE selling point. It's one of many. I highly doubt Sony is expecting you to go to the store and drop hundreds on a PS3 and Vita for this. They're probably expecting that you see the value in... oh I don't know... every other feature the PS3 and Vita and their game libraries offer.

And this is a lot different from accessories. The Vita is a standalone product, unlike Motion Plus or Move. You're going to get use out of that machine whether or not the cross-play features are well supported.
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1197d ago
That's a terrible analogy. It's more like a Quarter Pounder with cheese plus a Big Mac and when the Wii U is mentioned all of the sudden people are claiming the Vita/PS3 is the combo meal. How many people order a Quarter Pounder and a Big Mac for themselves? The Wii U will get far more support that will allow games to either be controlled by the Gamepad with the hardware or played solo. Just like how the original Wii got far more support for motion controlled games than the Playstation Move got. Not enough bought the Move which is why there's hardly any support for it.

If the Playstation Move is any indication it shows just how little the cross-platform play will be between the PS3 and Vita. Nice feature but it's only as good as the support it gets. So to compare it to the Wii U is not very fair to begin with. That means people need to tone it down when they react to the Wii U and its functionality. It's obvious Sony is timing the release and the features of Little Big Planet Vita with the Wii U launch but it's not going to have much impact on potential Wii U sales.
#9.4.1 (Edited 1197d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
MrBeatdown  +   1197d ago
It's a perfectly fine analogy for the point I was trying to make... people aren't buying a PS3 and Vita for that one cross platform feature. They would be buying it for the whole package. If they aren't, they're buying the wrong thing. Sony isn't trying to get people to spend $400 for a few cross platform features, just like McDonalds isn't trying to get people to buy pickles. They are selling the whole burger, and therefore, it doesn't make sense to treat it like the McDonalds wants you to pay $3 for just the pickle, just like it doesn't make sense to make it sound as if Sony is trying to get you to spend hundreds just for a few cross-platform features.

I wasn't even making a point about the Wii U. Read what he wrote...

"Sony telling us to spend over £400 on a PS3 and Vita for a feature that's hardly ever gonna get used"

That's what I was addressing. Sony isn't doing that. They are trying to sell you the two systems obviously, but it's ridiculous to make it sound like they are expecting you to buy it for that one feature. Might as well say Sony is trying to get you to spend $250 on a PS3 so you can play PS1 games. Highlighting something as a feature isn't the same as trying to get you to buy it just for that feature.
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Protagonist  +   1197d ago
Expect the WiiU to be £400
yabhero  +   1197d ago
Expect WiiU to be 299 minimum... 349 maximum
Qrphe  +   1197d ago
The way I see it is that Sony and Microsoft will try to tackle Nintendo's features early on since not doing that when the Wii came out made them lose all those costumers that got into the Wii's motion controls. Once they finally did (2010) the Wii started dying down.

inb4 five-year cycle

Regardless, if the Wii U's new take on gaming does become widely successful, the other two guys won't be left behind unable to compete.
telekineticmantis  +   1197d ago
Yeah, but this is an
Old Feature for Sony. The PSP had it and the evolution of it was discussed during the NGP announcement, before the Wii U was announced, it was called "Transfarring".
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Qrphe  +   1197d ago
Who came up with the idea is irrelevant (see attached image), what matters is whether or not they're able to implement a popular feature.

If developers shift towards what Nintendo wants to do with the Wii U, Sony and Microsoft will be ready to compete.

Related image(s)
Puddlejumper75  +   1197d ago
No but what is relevant is when its copied (but is still inferior and more expensive) and suddenly its no longer stupid or just a gimmick for children.

Gamecube did it before PSP. Guess you never heard of 4 swords adventure? 1 controller, 3 gameboys?

Wait before you try to say that some how because its not as good it some how doesnt count, the things PSP did were inferior to what Wii U has to offer.
corrus  +   1197d ago
Don't try Nintendo fanboys not gonna listen you for them Sony always will copy from Nintendo.
Qrphe  +   1194d ago

Vita inferior to the Wii U gamepad?

The Vita has front and back multitouch, higher resolution, superior screen technology and it's a separate machine from the PS3 while the Wii U pad only has more precise touch technology and bigger screen (plus it's a streaming device).
YoungPlex  +   1197d ago
It doesn't matter people, no one in their respective right minds would purchase a Vita and a PS3 to have Wii U like features, and most gamers like myself don't give a crap about gimmicky additions to games! The fact is that the Wii U comes with a tablet and probably at a fraction of the cost; if they deliver then that's were the majority of people will go. I really don't see people shelling out $250-$300 for a Vita, (more if they don't already own a PS3), for a few games that would support this feature, I see them spending that kind of money for killer games on the Vita itself, not this crap!

I guess we'll see when both are available, but my money's on Nintendo winning this kind of asymmetrical gaming crap, not Sony!
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Puddlejumper75  +   1197d ago
This is actually a good idea.

First off it will get Sony fans to stop crying about Wii U and its "gimmick" of a controller. From the post in this article its already having an impact on some of the haters on this site.
Secondly the more people with this set up the more incentive for developers to add this features into their multi platform games.
Third Sony fans will have to stop saying graphics are the most important thing and will now say its all about game play and I cant be the only one sick of people whose console cant go beyond 720p unless its 2D or Tennis proclaiming their inferior graphics as the best in the world.

Sadly Vita currently bombing at retail will most likely keep most of this from happening. Why spend 400-500 to play portable version of games you already own when you can spend less, get actual 1080p game play AND a library of games that arent just inferior ports of your existing console games(Vitas line up of games is almost exactly like PS3 even the so called exclusives are just rehashes.UNcharted,Killzone, REsistance. Im sure God of war isnt far behind)? The only people who will be lining up for that are fanboys and unsuspecting parents.

The most common excuse to hate on Wii is if it cant do 1080p then its not worth buying. Are these same people going to spend more money for an experience that is only 720p? Again only fanboys. They couldnt make Move the Wii killer they wanted it to be. I'm pretty sure they're going to have the same problem with Vita720pS3
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-Mezzo-  +   1197d ago
This heated up. :P
jalen247  +   1197d ago
Imitation??? Sony obviously built the Vita and PS3 with this kind of interactivity in mind...otherwise they would not be able to get it to work so well as they have demonstrated in LBP 2 DLC
corrus  +   1197d ago
brettyd  +   1197d ago
Sony announced this feature for vita before wii u was even announced.
Gr81  +   1197d ago
This is another classic case of 'the name on the plastic box determines if I like it or not.'

Why would someone call Wii U's gamepad a gimmick all this time, and then all of a sudden when this feature is highlighted to do something similar on a different console all of a sudden it becomes innovative and refreshing, essentially flip flopping.

It's pathetic but funny at the same time.

Its like the Move situation all over again. I'm just waiting for the 'authentic' youtube video showing 'proof' that Sony did this 4 years before the Wii U was ever revealed.
gamingden  +   1197d ago
This article seems to be written by a Nintendo Fanboy even though it makes Nintendo look bad. I'm not sure if this guy sucks at writing or if he's just an asshole...
Soldierone  +   1196d ago
Nintendo fans are really big on the "you copied us" train....again everyone gets copied, but Sony was doing this before WiiU came along....they were just not fully involved with it just yet.

The whole "handheld controller" idea was pushed around with PSP and never utilized. I remember rumors of Gran Turismo using the PSP for gauges or other instruments etc....and the Vita was set to "add to" games the second it was announced....It's an idea, and both companies are having unique takes at it. Nintendo is relying on it and making it standard, while Sony's is an option.
Hitsu123  +   1196d ago
Well this reminds me of the Eyetoy. It was the first motion-game I remember playing (I'm sure there may be others that came first), and when Microsoft comes out with their Kinect, everybody said it was revolutionary and had never been done before.

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