Three Cheers for the Losers in the Video Game Wars. They’re the Best.

Kotaku - Ask a Sega Dreamcast owner. Ask a Nintendo GameCube owner. They'll tell you something that is true: it's a pleasure to be the owner of a game console that's in last place.

It also kind of stinks, because your console gets the fewest games and your friends mock you all the time. But the fact is that nothing brings out the best in gaming companies than when those companies are getting their asses kicked.

Today, from Germany, we saw exactly that.

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Kotaku, Talking Sense. That's New.

DialgaMarine2195d ago

In the broad spectrum, Sony has done fantastic this generation, despite the fact that they've lost alot with the PS3/ PSP/ Vita. They're a genuine gamers company, and I'll remain a gamer as long as they continue to make consoles and publish their awesome exclusives. PS3 is, by far, the best video game console I have ever owned, and Vita is already starting to be the best portable I've ever owned. I can see myself playing both alot for years to come.

Honestly though, I don't think Sony is doing so well because they've lost, but because it's Sony. Even when the PS1 and PS2 were at the top, Sony still made sure they delivered top quality to respective audiences, and continued supporting them for years after their lifespan was up. That's just how Sony handles their games division, and they do a great job at it. Simple as that.