The Predicted Characters Still Missing (Officially)From Sony All-Stars

PushStartSelect: "Sony is well underway with character announcements for the upcoming brawler, and slowly each character we all wanted is being announced. Well with rumors flying around, hopes getting high, and even voice over actors noting their work on the game, we can’t help but assume a certain list will eventually get added. So here are the characters that should be added to the game, but are not yet announced."

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Relientk772077d ago

Ratchet & Clank and Sackboy were confirmed today

bring on:

Sir Dan
Lara Croft

Tomonobu Itagaki2077d ago

If there is Raiden but no Snake, then it will be a serious heresy for the whole Playstation brand.

O_O2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Snake > Raiden ×1000
OT: Put Gabe Logan in, ffs.

Reverent2077d ago

Come on, we all know Snake will be in this... Raiden is just a bonus. A very badass bonus.

HammadTheBeast2077d ago

Dart, from Legend of Dragoon. They renewed the website or license. He better make it. Hopefully.

smashcrashbash2077d ago

Well since Spike, Dante and Sackboy were revealed to be true then that means the original leak has merit to it after all. So we can expect Sir Dan, Raiden and Nariko to be part of the crew as well. If the second leak has any merit to then we are getting Tomba and Crash as well. But no leak has either Lara, Cloud, Spyro or Snake. So I am guessing they are very unlikely. But I could be wrong. Not so hopeful with FF characters though. I am guessing SE isn't going to give Sony squat.

Soldierone2077d ago

David Hayter mentioned working on the game, among other background leaks for Snake. None have been confirmed, but i doubt we get this game and no Snake appears.

Hicken2077d ago

Well, they might. Who knows? As always, I'd rather have Squall than Cloud, but I have to admit the latter is far more of a poster child for Playstation. Square also own Lara, so they may decide to let her in, especially if it's new Lara, to promote the new game.

As for the others, there's still the chance of DLC, so even if we don't see them on the original roster, they could still make an appearance.

fabiani2077d ago

Issac will be in was in the michael commercial

Sanquine902077d ago

Kevin butler! With a move lightsaber sword!

garos822077d ago

i would seriously love that :)

Relientk772077d ago

I would be happy if Kevin Butler was in it lol

Reverent2077d ago

You guys know how they made the original Mortal Kombat graphics? Like where a character was literally just a cut out of an actual photo of a real person, then going through animations frame by frame of the photos? I want Kevin Butler to be like that for this game. No 3D textured models. I want it to be him for reals.

Parappa2077d ago

I'm hoping Raiden & Lightning both stay out of the game. I would take anyone over Rising & FF13 characters. Throw in Otacon & Tellah if you have to. I'd take anyone else from those franchises over them.

Reverent2077d ago

As much as YOU hate it, Raiden is a total badass and he fits perfectly in this game. So stop whining.

HammadTheBeast2077d ago

Raiden's alright, but Lightning would be sacrilege to Final Fantasy fans.

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