The Future of BlazBlue

Arc System Works has just announced yet another BlazBlue. It's coming out this winter, only a few months after Arc's last fighting game, Persona 4 Arena came out. Spend more money on BlazBlue, guys! Spend more money!

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Snookies122233d ago

Consider this bought day one... Looks like they've added a ton of new levels, music, characters, etc. Not to mention I LOVE the new artwork for the characters, much better looking in my opinion than the previous installments.

Though honestly, the thing I look forward to most about Chrono Phantasma is the story mode. Cannot wait to see what happens after that major ending event on Continuum Shift.

Hicken2233d ago

As long as Noel's in it, I'm buying. I do think they're releasing the games a little too fast, though. We just got Extend, and even though Chrono Phantasma won't be out until next year(winter in arcades in Japan), I think they're too close together.

... I say that, but I'll buy it day one like every BB game so far.