A better explanation of Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine

Icrontic writes: "Day one of the Mann vs. Machine update has been detailed, and our own resident TF2 expert breaks it all down into nice manageable chunks for us. "

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thorstein2161d ago

This update certainly deserves the term Epic. Going to have to dust off the old game!

TABSF2161d ago

Valve are just Gods

5 year old game yet they support it like it was released few months ago. Oh and its Free to Play and all updates are 100% Free

Don't tell me crap about Mann Co Store because all items are attainable with drops and/or crafting :)

Perjoss2161d ago

hang on a sec... drops and crafting? are we talking about TF2? sorry I didn't play it for quite a long time :(