High Voltage responds to allegations, says most are bogus

"The following is a point-by-point response to the state of High Voltage from High Voltage's own Eric Nofsinger...

It’s probably easiest to go point-by-point through their diatribe:

- The company has laid off many people in the past couple years.

[EN] In our 19 year history, High Voltage has been put in the unfortunate position of having to lay people off. During the past two years our last layoff was in May of 2011, where we had to say goodbye to 8 people. Although we aren’t happy about that at all; we certainly aren’t alone. Still, I believe our track record with company stability has got to be one of the best in the industry.

- Many of the employees have been demoted to jobs well below their skill level.

[EN] This is completely false. To my knowledge, no employee has been demoted at HVS in a decade.

- After employees were laid off, one of the studios producers purchased a new sports car.

[EN] Again, super false. Although many of our employees drive nice cars,...

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