The Best And Worst Of Gamescom Today

Three jet-lagged Game Informer editors are crisscrossing Cologne, Germany to bring you the most important news coming from the pre-convention press conferences today. See what looks awesome – and what looks worse than Wonderbook – inside.

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dragon_rocks2165d ago

Haven't read the article yet but if they say anything other than COD Vita trailer as worst then they are wrong.

sikbeta2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

And they're right...


This is what I want

Also, loving the on the PS3 :D

Nimblest-Assassin2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I completely agree, cod vita was the worst thing I saw at gamescom

Here is why

1) Visuals and online

The game looks like a psp game, and not a very good one. There are games like medal of honour heroes and star wars battlefront (the psp exclusive ones) that look better than this

ALSO.. 4x4 multiplayer? Thats it? Those psp games I mentioned before, not only have better visuals, but also supported 16-32 player mutliplayer... and this is on inferior hardware. Plus its cod, not much is going on... but in that star wars battlefront game, when multiple people are having an orbital strike weapon, plus in the newer one, where players could move from ground to space... and still supported 32 players

You are telling me, all this game can support is 8

2) Gameplay

Read this:

Title: COD vita multiplayer dissapoints

Its another bare bones shooter, the same with resistance vita....

Thus, the only possible plus to this game is its story... which not only is it a cod, but the story is being done by nihlistic... thus you know it won't be spectacular


This system can do so much better, and this game has nothing good going for it.... oh well Killzone easily trumps it

Nimblest-Assassin2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Rachet and Clank:

Assassins Creed:

Tear Away:

Killzone Mercenary:

Sly Cooper:

All these vita games look awesome... cod was the worst vita game shown at gamescom... period

bothebo2165d ago

I myself am a Vita owner. However, I have to say that the trailer did little to impress me. It CERTAINLY does not like it is worth the $50.

DeFFeR2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I also am a Vita owner. The only games I've owned are MLB 12, and Uncharted. They only two I've seen that I felt I'd be missing out if I didn't play them (had MLB on PS3 too - played a lot on the Vita, especially on the run - a nice gimmick, but probably not worth all the hype over it, especially for $80-100.)

Any recommendations? Don't like fighting games but I picked up Mortal Kombat for $10 at gamestop last week and traded it on Amazon for $19. I kinda liked the Gravity Rush demo, but didn't know if it would get boring after the first few levels.

Looking forward to Ragnarok Odyssey and LBP though. The 'Buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version free' thing has me thinking PS All Stars might be a good pick up. I'm assuming that you'll buy the physical PS3 version and receive a code for the Vita digital download - didn't research any farther than that.

Well, I wrote more than I needed to - sorry.

bothebo2164d ago


Hmmmm..... which games would I recommend? Well most of them are coming out in the holiday season, but they are: Sound Shapes, LBP Vita, AC: Liberation,Sly Cooper and Killzone Mercs. If you can get Resistance Burning Skies for around $20 it's totally worth the money, maybe even at $30 but definitely not the $40. I bought it at $40 but I still don't feel ripped off.

lociefer2165d ago

why are we ignoring rain , this game is IT , you should mention it in your article

Protagonist2165d ago


Hey that is true, I forgot about "the working title" rain, It looked pretty amazing and gave a good vibe!!!

cpayne932165d ago

Looked really bad, and it's being handled by Nihilistic, not a good sign. Killzone Mercenaries looks 1000x better.

PoSTedUP2165d ago

for sure. i was really anticipating Declassified, im already thinking of not even picking it up... they know its all about the online, they shoulda focused on that, clearly they didnt.4v4 on a cod game? what IS that. killzone it is.

TheLastGuardian2165d ago

Nihilistic? Oh gawd! *cancels pre-order*

rpd1232165d ago

Killzone looked absolutely amazing. I can't wait for it.

miyamoto2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

And that COD trailer was odd.

What does it say of Vita when Activision itself would rather hand over its cherished IP than dirty its own hands with development? Well, it says what even Sony itself has admitted.

This is looking bad. Again its like the PS3 all over again. Sony needs to work magic with its own IPs & exclusives to revitalize the Vita.

But then again when did any CoD game boasted graphics quality?

shadow27972164d ago

Or maybe (and this is hopeful thinking) one of Activision's studios is working on next years version for the Vita and they plan to alternate every other year. Sony probably wanted COD launch year, so they used one of their own studios to make it happen.

From the trailer, it doesn't look like Nihilistic had enough time or resources to work on it. Hopefully, future CODs will feature a bit more polish, for Sony's sake.

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Muffins12232165d ago

I have iphone games that look better than cod on the vita..what the hell.I was hoping it was gonna acully be similar to the console version with 8v8 and maybe looked better than a cell phone game...

HammadTheBeast2165d ago

Medal of Honor on PSP did 24 players almost 5years ago. Activision has shown evilon a whole new level.

ABizzel12165d ago

One thing I was surprised with was Wonderbook. It's definitely not for me, but I can see the huge amount of potential it has in Classrooms especially for younger students.

Interactive learning is the future, and Wonderbook is taking a step in the right direction, giving kids education and problem solving skills in each game.

The move games were nearly as impressive.

This was a great show for Sony.

pwneddemocrat2164d ago

What a freaking smart thing to say. " Haven't read the article yet."

God, when will N4G users become smart and read the articles for crying out loud.

OT: i thought the best thing was the Last of Us trailer, i didnt care for the DMC or Dead Space really.

They showed the same scenes they played at E3 but with different actions, a clear response to those saying that the E3 footage was scripted.

Release this game already damnit!

Nimblest-Assassin2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Tear away looked awesome

_LarZen_2164d ago

And yet millions wil buy COD for Vita :)

Dir_en_grey2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Vita COD is being made by Nihilistic Software, people who made Resistance Burning Skies for Vita

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Unexpecta2165d ago

Just like how Burning Skies wasn't worth $45. I will never make that mistake again.

Shame on you Nihilistic.

topekomsi2164d ago

Statement of the year...

Sanquine902165d ago

Nihilistic team has to be fired! For me im happy there is killzone!!!!!

Blastoise2165d ago

Nihilistic software are making Black ops on the vita? Awww no, why get a studio that hasnt made a good game in over 10 years work on what is one of the biggest games for the device?

FinaLXiii2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Alot of people are going to be disapointed. :D poor Vita owners such a waste of money.

Bioshock for Vita hopefully will justify its purchase.

PoSTedUP2165d ago

i'm tight...

like literally the Only developer i DIDN'T want making the game, the mechanics in Resistance were horrible.

Hicken2165d ago

My purchase was justified with The Show, Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, and Super Stardust. PSP games like P3P, Everyday Shooter, Yggdra Union, Tactics Ogre, and others also validated my investment. So did apps like Youtube, facebook, nico nico, Paint Park, and Skype.

Upcoming games like P4 The Golden, Tearaway, PS All Stars, Soul Sacrifice, Warrior's Lair, Zero's Escape, Killzone, and Ragnarok Odyssey ensure that I'll continue getting my money's worth out of the system.

There's also still full PS1 and Remote Play support to look forward to.

I don't think ANY current Vita owners were waiting on Call of Duty to "justify" their purchases. We've been having plenty of fun with what we have, and eagerly await the quality still to come.

neutralgamer192165d ago

Yeah i'm so sad I play my vita everyday lol and the release game UC2 abyss is better than anything offered on any other handheld and that was just a launch title lol vita kz3, vita assassins creed, vita uncharted, vita soul sacrifice, new media molecule game ask say Hellooooooo so dad the person who's mommy didn't want to buy them a vita lol haha

rpd1232165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Not really. CoD is a shit franchise at this point and I didn't buy my Vita hoping to play it. I got it for AC Liberation, LBP, Ragnarok Odyssey, Gravity Rush, Resistance, Uncharted, and some sports games. And now Killzone and Tearaway.

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FinaLXiii2165d ago

Killzone Mercenary looks half-decent.

cpayne932165d ago

It looks awesome if you ask me.

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