Casual Quarantine

Steve of - "And that special hardcore game you love so much that no-one else, particularly a ‘casual’ would be able to play? It probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for their support of the industry.

Remember that the next time you negatively brand someone a ‘casual’."

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Argus92233d ago

I really like the style of your article, but as you said, the balance between casual and hardcore is a conundrum. After all, you want your game to appeal to a bigger audience without providing a watered-down experience. One thing we can say for sure, though, is that casual gamers are a part of the consumer base, and certainly have helped gaming become as big as it is today. That's something hardcore gamers have to admit.

VverdugovV2233d ago

I don't insult casuals because I would be insulting my own family and it's also unnecessary. I just don't like it when developers focus too much on them and ignore their core audience, which are the ones who will continue to support them and not hop off to the next big thing. Casuals don't follow gaming news and rarely visit websites like this. They play games that are popular and simple to learn and it's even hard to convince them to play some other games that aren't the ones they know of.