Rogue Warrior Dev Update

While FiringSquad chatted with Bethesda Softworks' spokesperson Pete Hines today they also decided to get a status update on Rogue Warrior, the long-in-development Unreal Engine 3 tactical shooter that was announced in late October 2006 but since then has fallen under a massive cone of silence. Hines told FiringSquad, "The game is still in development. We'll be talking about where it's at and what's up with it in the coming months."

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Rattles3705d ago

games are not gona set them selves apart if they all use the same engine, another turok we have here

Lord_Ash3688d ago

I wonder why Bethesda is using UE3, why didn't they use the oblivion engine? I’m sure it can handle a shooter, unless it can’t handle fast game play.