More news that next Xbox may be a modified Windows 8 PC

Even more clues within Windows 8 are pointing towards a next-gen Xbox system running on the same OS (or an SKU of Win8).

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mcstorm2105d ago

I see this being a good move by MS as the Windows and Xbox brand is very big for MS and putting them together will make the two name even stronger.

MS have needed to bring all there names closer together and having windows running across all there devices (Xbox, PC/Ultra Book/Tablet, Phones and more.

This could also leave to cross platform games between PC Xbox and Windows Phone.

Ive been saying for along time now MS are starting to point the company in the right direction and I see them becoming the Number 1 company again in the IT world.

Bobby Kotex2105d ago

If PC gamers had anything to complain about, it's console ports. Hopefully this will make things smoother in the future.

mcstorm2105d ago

I agree and this could set MS up very well for cloud gaming too where no matter which device you have you just sign into Xbox live and carry on with your game. MS are going to be in a very strong position over everyone in the gaming industry soon if they do get things right with windows 8 next xbox and windows phone 8.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

"This could also leave to cross platform games between PC Xbox and Windows Phone."

Switch the word could with will..

Everyone is expanding!

mcstorm2104d ago

Sounds good. I am really looking forward to what MS are going to give us over the next 10 years. To me MS dropped the ball in the early 00s but they are starting to regroup and things are looking good for them again.

JBSleek2105d ago

With Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Xbox 8(Name subject to change) MS is going to have the best ecosystem on the market here with seamless connection to all your devices.

If Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 take off as expected then MS is to be feared in the technology market.

mcstorm2105d ago

I agree and I have been using Windows 8 preview for abit not and I have to say im very impressed works very well on my windows 7 hardware and now ive had it for a bit I can say it is just as easy if not easer to use than Windows 7.

I also have had 3 Windows Phone 7 devices (HD7, HTC Titan and Lumia 900) and if HTC and Nokia carry on giving us quality designed devices and Samsung decided to do the same and WP8 improves over WP7 MS could be on for a winner in this department too. Then on top of that the Surface devices look like they will be able to go up against the Ipad and if the 16GB RT price is right at $200 then MS could really strike fear into a lot of company's.

DA_SHREDDER2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Well considering they don't have any good first party exclusives (besides dance central, and that's a matter of opinion), What other choice do they even have? At that point I'd rather just get a pc, im not paying to play online, F that. People who game on the xbox spend so much money for xbox live that they could have saved all that money on actual games, or better yet, their new beloved 3rd party machine.

Edit. LMAO!! Did you just say Halo 4?!!! Guess what bub? The most popular shooter in the world is a third party title, and also on every Sony console and mobile device. Even Nintendo is gonna have a proper COD. I have a better question that you could have asked. What if Activision decided to make their own console? lmao! Halo, that's a good one pal. Hey maybe Halo 4 might not suck considering it's not made by Bungie anymore. Hopefully, for your sake.

Nutsack2105d ago Show
dubt722105d ago

Is $3 a month too much to pay for a great online infrastructure? Methinks not. I always get my xbox live subscriptions when they're on sale for $35. Trolling defeated, move along.

LAZL0-Panaflex2105d ago

Infrastructure great, hardware not so great. Game selection....also not so great.

stiggs2105d ago

"People who game on the xbox spend so much money for xbox live"

I have never paid more than $30.00/year for Live. I spent twice that amount when I filled up my gas tank last night. You need to put things in perspective or perhaps get a job in which you earn enough so that $30/year doesn't seem like a lot of money.

LAZL0-Panaflex2105d ago

Can't get better job while Obama is in office. Too many regulations on small business stiffeling employment. Must save Xbox must ...goob.... there we go.

stiggs2104d ago

The president of the United States is keeping you from getting a better job? Yeah, THAT'S the reason...

SuicidalTendencies2104d ago

You had to spend over $30 for gas because you need to get around. Nobody has to spend any money on XBL when there are alternatives that are FREE. Just because you have the money to spend on it doesn't mean it's a good deal.

stiggs2104d ago

There are alternatives to almost any monetary transaction. Instead of purchasing gas for my car I could travel to my destinations by simply walking, riding a bike, car-pooling or hitch-hiking. Yeah, those seem like a much better ways to get around because they're FREE.

While I'm at it why don't I stop purchasing all beverages and just drink water that falls from the sky. Man, what a fool I've been...buying refreshing beverages like soft drinks, fruit juices and ice cold beer when I could be drinking FREE water.

My overly sarcastic response is an effort to raise the question "at what point does saving X amount of money no longer seem like a bargain? For me, the benefits of services such as XBOX Live far outweigh the nominal fee. I'm sure that I could find a free alternative but I enjoy the experience and I just don't care that much about spending $30/year.

You may call me a "sucker". But who is the real sucker? Is it the guy who lives his life unconcerned with such paltry expenditures or the guy who is worried that spending $30/year may not be a "good deal".

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SuicidalTendencies2105d ago

If that's how the OS is going to look I'm not buying Windows 8 or the next Xbox. Bad enough I already hate the new dash and that looks even worse.

DiRtY2105d ago

If the Xbox 3 becomes a part of the Windows ecosystem, it is a plus for everybody.

The ecosystem will be gigantic for MS. Xbox 3, Surface, Windows 8 PCs, tablets, Skype running on all of that and Windows phones allow great new experiences with the cloud and smartglass.

You can get all your gadgets covered by MS now and all of them seem to be good products.

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