EA – A view from someone who ran out of milk for his cereals.

EA… ah yes, the daddy of all third party publishers. And as such has gained a critical following in both fans, and people who would appreciate them more if they threw babies out of planes.

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iamnsuperman2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

"However, what was shown here was more tosh about online multiplayer, something, I could not care less about." [MoH:WF].

I 100% agree. I really liked the moh reboot single player. It had technical issues and some bad characters with little depth but it was a very good single player experience. I liked how it felt real. I would like to say that the next game is giving me that feeling again but I have no idea. All I know is they seem to be concentrating on the multiplayer and showing that they can make it better(that part badly reviewed last time). I personally couldn't care. However I can see why they are doing this. EA has to be competitive with COD and they are trying to do that with BF and MoH. Just a shame because I would rather they delivered a ground breaking single player in MoH

pandehz2233d ago

I agree.

MOH became famous cause of its single player. Who remembers The Saving private ryan moment from the original.

Slowly stories went out the window and nowadays majority shooters are lacking identity.