Another New Low for Games "Journalism"

SPC writes, "I wasn't going to give another writer the time of day, but articles like the one I am about to bring up just drive home the realization that a significant portion of gaming journalism is laughable. Now, to preface this, I cannot pretend that all games journalism is bad or that I am the perfect writer. I am most certainly not and have committed missteps before, but when such an egregious example of poor journalism is written, I must act.

It's not the fact that Nintendo was mentioned, it could have been any company, but it's the mention of Michael Pachter and a cringe-worthy article made by Jim Sterling in his defense and more importantly how he defended him that brought me to write this piece. If there is anything I have learned from following games and the industry much more closely over the years, it is that there is no low games journalism won't sink to. The latest man to sink like a battleship is Jim Sterling (well, again), though that should be expected with his history."

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iamnsuperman2230d ago

The whole thing was blown out of proportion. It was a joke. geoff replied wow because he knew people were not going to get the joke and write ridiculous things. And guess what happened people wrote ridiculous things. Now the stuff was much more minor than the other drivel we have seen (articles like how MW3 got an average of 2 out of 10 on metacritic user reviews- he stupidity behind those articles was beyond me). If people watch pachter more often you will understand when he is joking. On his pach attack he is usually "insulting" the "fanboys" and saying one system is better but he is joking and in a way trolling.

gaffyh2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

To an extent, even if he was joking, he is right. Because Nintendo gamers tend to buy whatever Nintendo puts out in terms of software. Look at Wii Music sales for example, the game is terrible, yet it still sold over 3 million. That, and the fact that Nintendo consoles tend to have really bad third-party support, shows that Nintendo gamers are bothered mostly about Nintendo games and that's it, and that's a bad thing for the bigger audience. It means you get a load of shovelware, and rarely anything actually good on the system, like The Last Story.

AtomicGerbil2230d ago

Everyone should know better than to take Pachter seriously. Whether he's joking or not.

As for journalism, I find the majority only exists to fuel so called fanboy wars or to spread fear and uncertainty. The decent minority is lost in the mayhem.

joab7772229d ago

It similar much more important to get hits then to tell the truth. Journalism as a whole has moved more and more away from truth and towards the money.

robparko2229d ago

I really don't care what Pachter says to be honest. Nothing he says will ever influence me in the slightest.

Ares84HU2229d ago

Why am I not surprised that Michael Pachter is in the middle of this!?

Skateboard2229d ago

That is what Michael Pachter believes and I kinda feel the same way about Nintendo fans, its called a opinion. I know plenty of Nintendo fanboys who say other fanboys being Sony or Microsoft are the worst and act high and mighty, they are easily the worst fanbase, sorry.

Phil322229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Sorry to single you out as you certainly aren't the only one who dabbles in stuff like this, but this kind of console war/zealot war nonsense is the exact stuff I'm constantly making fun of. Because when someone says that gaming isn't for children, I point them to such comments like this and articles like Sterling's. It's a shame that grown adults behave like total brats when hunks of plastic are concerned and video game companies. I'm talking trolls AND "fanboys" (again, I hate that word as it sounds like a playground insult, but considering the maturity of the industry, I guess it is fitting). It's why I don't feel proud to be interested in this industry.

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