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Mobile is the new PC, but not how you think

As with computer games, mobile games have to function on an increasingly wide range of phones of varying power. (Epic Games, Industry, Mobile, PC)

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aliengmr  +   855d ago
No, it really isn't. PC gamers don't need to be told to go into the user settings.

Mobile is more like having a variety consoles you have to scale for.

No I am not saying its the new console.
LightofDarkness  +   855d ago
Mobile's just a new market. PC gamers are still PC gamers, they're their own thing. PC Gamers are extreme enthusiasts in many ways, as they like upgrading components individually and tweaking their systems for greater performance, as well as having myriad options available in almost every way (controls, displays etc). Mobile gaming is closer to console gaming (in that the hardware is fixed per unit), but it has many more SKUs available with varying levels of performance.

But mobiles simply can't compete in the "blockbuster" space like either PC or consoles can. Not until you can play something that looks and play like today's big games through you big screen TV, sitting with your preferred control method in hand(s). In the future I can foresee "all-in-one" media devices being the biggest game in town, but mobile/smart phones are not even close to that yet.
Glad to see how I think is not the new pc! Everything would be slow!

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