Review: The Last Story [Press2Reset]

Nate is hoping that The Last Story doesn't stay true to its name. He wants more and he's here to tell you why.

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acidbrn2227d ago

Ever since playing Lost Odyssey, I have been waiting for the next Mistwalker game. Granted I would have much rather played this on an HD console, for a Wii game it still seems rather impressive, and a must play.

lahnaloo2227d ago

glad to see someone gave it a good score. Very excited for this title.

acidbrn2227d ago

This and Pandora's Tower were the two titles I was most excited to get my hands on.

TheDivine2227d ago

Bullshit got delayed again. Only a day or two but i had my day all planned out and I work 12's until next week damnit. Oh well at least we get it.